10 Fun Facts About COffee Beans (2)-min

Imagine drinking your favorite beverage while
reaping several health benefits.
In theory, it sounds amazing,
in practice, even better. 

Our daily caffeinated cup is not only making us feel awake
while burning the fat in our bodies,
but it also reduces the chance of getting certain diseases.
Interesting, right?

Well, stay tuned, because this is not all. 

If so, number 7 is our favorite fun fact about coffee beans!


1. Coffee was First Cultivated in the 15th Century


Did you know that coffee is actually way older than we think? 

When we Google it we can see that Coffee was found in the 15th century,
in the lands of Ethiopia. 
But actually, there is proof that its first use was around 850 CE
according to some legends and reports.

This opens the door to stories and myths about where coffee was first discovered.


2. Beans are the Actual Coffee Seeds

A coffee bean is actually a seed
of the coffee plant
that is used to make coffee. 

The pip located inside of this purple or red-ish fruit
is known as cherry. 
They are usually planted in big beds in shaded nurseries. 

Even though they are seeds, due to their shape,
they are called beans, 
that if nursed in the proper conditions, will grow out. 


 3. Coffee comes from the Arabic word for Wine


Word coffee comes from the Arabic word for Wine - qahhwat al-bun

Coffee that is used in the English dictionary,
comes from Dutch koffie

But that’s not all, 
Koffie comes from Turkish kahve
that is actually borrowed from qahwa – Arabic origin. 

Qahwa is short for qahhwat al-bun,
or when translated “wine of the bean“. 
Quite intriguing, isn’t it?


 4. There are 173 Million Bags of Coffee Produced Each Year 


112,114,839 + and counting

Number of Coffee Bags Produced



The coffee industry is believed to be in the second position
globally in terms of trade. 
Despite the exaggeration,
it is still created in large quantities on a daily basis.

Stats have shown that we consume around
173 million bags of coffee every year. 
Hence, the total weight of coffee is
more than 10 million tons!


   5. The Origin of the Word Espresso Comes from Italy


Italian espresso coffee












Italian caffè espresso actually means pressed-out coffee

Espresso (/ɛˈspɹɛsəʊ/ /eˈspresō/)  has the characteristic of being made
by pressing a small amount of boiling water through
finely-ground coffee beans under high pressure. 

Resulting in a smaller yet thicker beverage. 

This Italian term refers to the making process itself.




6. Historic Attempts to Ban Coffee


Believe it or not but coffee was tried to be banned exactly 5 times!
In the early years of coffee’s existence,
a variety of groups tried to ban this beverage. 
Not only in the United Kingdom,
but across the whole globe as well. 

In Meka, it was thought that coffee was a dangerous drug
that caused radical thinking among the citizens. 
But in the 16th century, when coffee arrived in Europe,
Christian clergymen demanded to have it banned and labeled it Satanic. 

Today, it’s a totally different story. 
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and
it’s available almost everywhere.


   7. Coffee Drinkers Live Longer


Here goes our favorite fun fact about coffee beans!
And we bet it’s yours as well!

Many types of research claim that
being a
Procaffeinator can prolong your lifespan.
Even the ones who like to dive in their big cups of caffeinated beverages,
still have a lot of health benefits. 

Believe it or not,
coffee is one of the healthiest drinks across the globe,
especially because of the presence of antioxidants.

Researchers studied over half a million British adults and
found that coffee drinkers
had a significantly lower mortality risk
over a ten-year period than non-coffee consumers.

Therefore, our dear coffee lovers,
we have a long and healthy life ahead of us!


   8. The World’s Most Expensive Coffee is Kopi Luwak

Originating from Indonesia,
Kopi Luwak coffee ranges between $35 to $100 per cup,
or around $100 to $600 a pound. 

The most interesting fact is
that this coffee is popular as “
cat-poop” coffee. 
Yikes, it doesn’t sound as good as it tastes!

However, the whole process is very interesting.
Palm civets are included during coffee production,
where animals eat cherry coffee beans and then secrete the beans.

Right now, Kopi Luwak, as the most expensive coffee in the world,
has some competitors. 

Thai coffee called Black Ivory
has a tendency to overtake the throne,
due to its specific production methods
and the price that goes up to $500 per pound. 


   9. The largest cup of coffee contains 22,739.14 liters



big cup of coffee










It contains 6,007.04 US gal or 22,739.14 liters and
at the same time, it holds the
Guinness Record for the largest cup of coffee in the world! 

Created in Colombia by Alcaldía Municipal de Chinchiná,
it took more than a month for 50 people to complete this project.

We bow down to these magnificent workers!


   10. The World’s Top Coffee Consuming Nation is Finland

That’s right fellow Americans,
we’re not in the first place! Shocking,
we know!

Per capita, Finns drink roughly four cups of coffee a day.
Hence, this nation consumes more coffee than any other. 

Nordic Coffee Culture published a report
that found 14% of Finnish men and 6% of Finnish women
drink more than ten cups of coffee per day.

What might be the most interesting fact
is that the law has its backs! 

Only Finland mandates an official coffee break for its workers,
making it the sole country in the world to do so