Coffee bean brewing machine

Would you like to upgrade your morning routine?
Would you like to have a great start to your day?
Well, it would be silly if someone said no, right?
And, it’s very simple.

By choosing a state-of-the-art machine that suits your needs,
you can finally have a perfect morning.

The best thing about them is that they have a wide range of beverages,so they can pretty much suit everyone’s needs.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional filtered coffee,

or maybe a cup of hot beans with some milk, the coffee machine will make it in no time. 

Their price can surely vary, and the difference can be around $1000.
Your best option will depend mostly on your budget, style, type of drinks you like,
and time you want to invest in the whole process.

Let’s distinguish the types of coffee machines we have:

  • Bean to Cup Machines

    bean to cup machine

These machines will give you freshly grounded beans right there when you need them.
Resulting in a freshly brewed coffee with the nicest aroma smell. 

Its function is pretty simple.
All you have to do is pour some water and coffee beans into a machine,
and with a click of a button, your beverage will be ready in a few seconds.
There are varieties of these machines,
offering you over 20 different drinks.

Some of these state-of-the-art machines include milk frothers
that are used for cappuccino or other milk-contain beverages. 

Pros and cons of Bean to cup machines:


  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Available for using different types of coffee beans and ground coffee too
  • Machines designed to automate the brewing process
  • Some of these machines can even make two coffee at once
  • Customizable settings


  • Not so budget-friendly
  • Some models can be larger
  • Takes some time to clean it


  • Capsule or Pod Coffee Machines

    Capsule or pod coffee machine - nespresso

These machines became very popular in the last few years and that is for a reason.
Their working method is a bit different from the previous one
because instead of brewing beans, coffee is made from little capsules or pods. 

So, based on your favorite type of coffee,
you choose the flavor you like the best and simply put it in your machine.
Then, click on the button and your beverage will be in the cup within a minute. 

Some of these machines even have built-in milk frothing,
so there is also the possibility to have white coffee as well. 

The use of these machines is very simple.
All you have to do is insert the pod into the machine and click the button.
They are sealed hermetically in aluminum
which is helping the coffee to stay fresh for up to nine months.

When it comes to the taste, it’s not like the one from bean-to-cup machines
because the coffee is not freshly brewed,
while the pods can be somewhat pricey. 

Let’s check the pros and cons:


  • Simple and easy to use – requires very little space
  • Different flavors of coffee
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Typically have a tiny benchtop footprint


  • Buying pods can be more expensive than actually having ground coffee
  • Not environmentally-friendly. Plastic pods are creating a lot of waste
  • You have to use one model of the capsule. For example, if you have a Nespresso machine, you have to use only Nespresso pods. This is limiting your choice of what type of beverage you can have and where you can make a purchase
  • The flavor is not the same as freshly brewed coffee – not so rich and tasty

  • Ground Coffee Machines

    ground coffee machine in cafe place

These machines are the most popular in coffee places,
and you have probably already seen them there.
They can suit your needs if you are ready to get your hands dirty. 

This means that you will have more control over making your favorite beverage
but you will need more time and preparation to make a cup of coffee.
The good thing is that they have a good balance
in terms of upfront and ongoing costs of coffee. 

Ground coffee machines usually have a little steam wand
that is used to froth milk in a different vessel.
Almost all of them have this old-fashioned look, with traditional controls and buttons
which can allow you to decide about the strength and length of your beverage. 

What are the pros and cons of these Ground Coffee Machines:


  • These machines can use almost any ground coffee if it’s the right grind level
  • Two drinks can be made at the same time
  • Some of them can even use ESE pods which are very convenient for not making a mess 
  • Way more budget-friendly compared to the pods
  • Better control over your coffee


  • Requires more time to make a cup of coffee which also means that you might make mistakes in making process
  • You will need to do more preparation and cleaning compared to other machines


We hope this little guide has helped you understand
these main three types of coffee machines that we have in the market today.
All of them have pros and cons,
but when choosing the one you like the best, make sure it suits your needs. 

What’s even more incredible, is that even these cons, can be gone.
Simply by instead of buying the machine, you can rent it. 

That’s right.
And, instead of cleaning and maintaining the machine yourself,
the Reliant Coffee Team will make sure everything is functioning properly. 

With over 20 different bean-to-cup and capsule machines,
you can choose your fighter and finally
achieve that perfect morning you have all been waiting for. 

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