4 Simple Steps on How to Make the Perfect Espresso – Coffee Recipe

Making a perfect espresso is not as difficult as you think. 

Instead of constantly spending money on your favorite caffeinated beverage

at expensive cafe places, why wouldn’t you make one?


Yeah, we know, it’s easier to go and get everything served on the plate…

But how can you know that you actually got freshly brewed coffee? 

Well, if you are a wise thinker you can have a

True Barista Experience at Your Place.


If you decide to go with Bean to Cup Machine

your desired drink will be just a click away.

With a mixture of 40% of Arabica and 60% of Robusta beans,

you will have freshly brewed coffee made right there in front of you.


And the best thing of all, 

you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!

However, if you want to experiment a little bit and

try to make a perfect espresso shot on your own,

Reliant Coffee is at your service as always.


Choose the coffee maker you have, prefer, or it suits your skills the best. 

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Using aeropress for making espresso coffeeUsing Moka Pot machine for making espresso coffee

Using French Press for making espresso shot coffee







Making espresso with these coffee makers is not that complicated,

but if you want to reach that perfect shot,

the best thing to use is the espresso machine.


Since we want all that’s best for our readers,

we have provided a perfect Espresso Recipe

that you can make with an Espresso Machine.


Follow the given steps:

Prepare Your Coffee Beans


Picture of dark coffee beans


To make a quality espresso shot,

take dark roasted beans and a grinder.

If you aim to make an average single espresso shot

you should take 0.21 to 0.28 oz of coffee grounds.


This is not strict and you can adapt it up and down.

However, if you want to make a double espresso shot,

you will need around 0.52 oz.


In order to ensure you measured it precisely,

you can use a kitchen scale but

don’t forget to remove the portafilter first before measurement.


To reach the fine and powdery texture of the grounds,

use the very fine settings you have on your grinder.  

Placing and Tamping Down


After you get the perfect measure in the portafilter,

spread the grounds evenly with your fingers.


Then on the countertop or any other flat area,

set the portafilter and push the tamper to tamp down the grounds.

This will result in the perfectly tamped grounds

for a quality espresso shot.


Pull the Coffee Shot


We are almost here peeps!

At this point, you should take your machine,

lock the portafilter in it,

place your chosen vessel underneath,

and begin with the shot procedure.


Your delicious cup of coffee will be ready in less than 30 seconds,

though you will need practice

until you achieve your perfect, tasty shot. 


The flavor should not be too bitter or acidic,

while the look should not be too dark or light,

with a light coating of caramel-colored topping.


Use Milk if Wanted


Making espresso coffee with milk


The steps above are the ones that should be followed

in case you want to make an original espresso coffee. 


On the other hand, if you want to expand your sense of taste,

you can add some ingredients such as milk and syrups.

Once you do this, you are on your way to make a good coffee latte.


But more on that later in our next blog post!

Until then, we are absolutely sure you will enjoy your handmade caffeinated beverage while making you feel like a true barista!

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