5 most drinkable coffee types worldwide

📍 Italy 🇮🇹

Little cup of espresso coffee served on a table

Many people are confused,

is the espresso coffee type or brewing method? 

It’s both.

And this world-famous coffee originates from Italy.

Today, espresso is prepared with the espresso machine

that was invented in 1884 in Turin by Angelo Moriondo.

Its method is very simple.

Under high pressure, stream hot water on finely-ground coffee beans.

Espresso coffee is a blend of multiple roasts and

its concentrated flavor is the product of pressurized brewing.

This type of brewing method gives this beverage a thick and

syrupy-like texture, which is very tempting to the eyes. 

As being one of the most popular coffee worldwide,

it is also popular for its caffeine content.

Espresso has more caffeine than other beverages,

than other coffee beverages, 

which is why it is traditionally served as a shot.


📍 Italy 🇮🇹

Cappuccino coffee beverage served on a table with spoon

Cappuccino is also another Italian coffee.

No wonder LavAzza is so popular, right?

This beverage is very similar to espresso and

many people don’t know the difference.

Well, cappuccino is made with espresso and steam-foamed milk.

The drink evolved from kapuziner – an Austrian coffee beverage

that was popular back in the 18th century.

But, the first time cappuccino coffee was mentioned,

was in the 1930s in Italy. 

Its first appearance was a bit different from what we know now.

Firstly it was covered with whipped cream and then a bit later,

with the invention of the espresso machine,

it developed its modern and current form.


📍 Spain 🇪🇸

Cortado coffee drink in the glass cup

Unlike the previous two beverages, Cortado is a Spanish coffee.

The name originates from the Spanish word cortat – or cut,

which is referring to the process of preparing.

However, Cortado is also made with espresso but

it has the same amount of steamed milk over it

to counteract its bitter taste.

It is served in small glass cups.

Due to the proportion of espresso to milk,

Cortado coffee produces a unique taste.

It is a perfect combination of robustness and

its velvety finish thanks to steamed milk. 

What is so popular about this coffee is

that it’s always drunk inside the cafe shops and bars,

and not intended as a “coffee to go”.


📍 France 🇫🇷

Cafe au lait in the glass cup on the table

Café au lait is a beverage that is very often compared to

espresso-based Italian caffè latte.

However, the ratio of ingredients is different.

To make this French coffee,

you will need a French press so you can mix

coffee beans and warmed milk.

These ingredients are mixed within

an equal amount of both,

and there is no foam on the top of it whatsoever. 

Additionally, café au lait

may sometimes be prepared with espresso. 

The confusion might arise because

both of these terms are widely used

in some European countries

without defining them clearly.


📍 Italy 🇮🇹

Risttreto coffee beverage in glass cup on the table

Ristretto is a beverage that comes from Italy.

The name comes from the Italian word which means restricted.

This coffee represents one-half of a single espresso shot.

Ristretto coffee has a smaller amount of water content

and its flavor is milder compared to espresso. 

This beverage can be made with

an espresso machine as well.

It uses the finely-ground coffee beans

that are extracted with less amount of water.

This produces a more concentrated coffee different

from the standard espresso

because of a distinct mix of compounds.

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