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Enjoy the ride, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to our favorite beverage!☕


How much caffeine does one cup of coffee contain?

This really depends on the kind of coffee you are drinking.

So the caffeine content can vary and

rely on the size and the type as well. 

For example,

if you drink an Espresso in the average cup (8oz), it will contain around 63 mg of caffeine and

if we take Cappuccino into consideration,

it has 75 mg of caffeine on average. 

Don’t worry,

this quantity of caffeine will do no harm to your health or

keep you up all night whatsoever. 


How long does caffeine last in coffee?

After only 15 minutes of consuming the coffee,

you can feel its effect.

Already? I know! 

The highest percentage of caffeine in your blood will be around one hour after you finish your drink,

and it will stay at that level for several more hours. 

After about five or six hours

the caffeine content will be halved,

which creates the need to have another cup of coffee during the afternoon.

Fun Fact Alert:

If you are a smoker the sustainability of caffeine is twice less.

This means that the coffee effect lasts for only 3 hours.


Is coffee good for you?

Coffee enthusiasts,

you probably know that there are some pros and cons to drinking coffee.

Let’s clear some dilemmas and check the coffee effects!

The good sides of drinking coffee are that you have a lower chance of getting type 2 diabetes,

as well as reducing the probability of getting certain types of cancers.

Coffee also has a good effect on boosting your memory and

increasing cognitive functioning.

There are researches that claim that coffee decreases the risk of dementia

and prolongs life span.

What is maybe shocking for cinephiles or maybe coffee virgins,

is that coffee has a large number of nutrients, including:

  • Vitamins B2, B3, and B5

  • Magnesium

  • Various antioxidants

The bad sides or the cons of drinking coffee are
lack of sleep due to huge caffeine income and
the type of addiction that you developed which
may result in a certain headache.

Also, it is not recommendable to drink coffee before you eat,

because of the acids that can create stomach problems.

Overall conclusion, coffee has more pros than cons! 

Plus if you follow this advice and drink coffee in certain quantities without exaggeration,

you are good to go!

How many calories are in one cup of coffee?

Coffee is probably NOT the reason you gained weight,

but as well as caffeine depends on the type, the same goes for calories. 

Black coffee, for example,

has only one calorie per cup.

But if you add milk, sugar, cream, or even syrup

then the number of calories will increase for sure. 

If you want to keep your coffee healthier

try to switch whole milk to soy or skim milk and

instead of sugar try to use sweetener. 

As regards cream and syrups,

they are usually the ones making our coffee the most calorish.

Try to avoid them,

but using them once in a few weeks won’t do harm to your body,

treat yourself!



Can I Drink Coffee If I’m Vegan?

If you are not using milk or cream, you can!

Black coffee for e.g.,

as well as Espresso without milk or

any other coffee that is free from animal by-products.



Where does coffee come from?

Everything about the coffee origin

you can check out in our article The Myths of The Great Brownish Beans

So according to the stories,

the first coffee was discovered in the lands of Ethiopia and Yemen.

Today the most popular coffee producers are in Africa,

Asia, Indonesia, and Latin America.

Coffee beans grow at a different range of elevations,

like the countries of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Vietnam. 

The largest coffee producers in the world are located in South America.

With 5.7 billion lbs, Brazil takes first place,

and the fellow neighbor at the third place,  Colombia with 1.7 billion. 

The first runner-up is Vietnam with 3.6 billion,

and the fourth place takes Indonesia with 1.4 billion.


Who drinks the most coffee in the world?


No dear Americans, fortunately,

or unfortunately we are not in the first place. 

Shocking!? I know!

To tell you the news…We are not even in the top 10…

Okay, okay, I am lying. Not even in the top 20!

Yup, that’s the fact.

Scandinavian countries, to be precise Finland,

is taking the crown of the world’s most consuming Coffee nation per capita.

The biggest coffee drinkers drink around 26 lbs of coffee per person each year! 

This is actually confirmed by Nordic Coffee Culture.

They found out that Finnish people drink more than ten cups of coffee per day.

Wow, amazing, right?

The first runner-up is Norway,

then Iceland,

and the third place takes Denmark. 

And my dearest U.S. citizens, we are in 26th place,

believe it or not.

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