Melbourne Coffee Culture

Australia’s obsession 

with coffee


Unlike the French Coffee Culture where it’s not at all

about the coffee quality itself,

Aussies care about the taste of their coffee. 


This is why Australian Coffee Culture is considered

one of the most advanced in the world.

By watching an interview with a coffee shop owner in Australia

we found out that she has never seen 

one single Australian who doesn’t drink coffee.


It is not just any coffee; it is high-quality coffee.


This is one of the reasons Starbucks didn’t make it in Australia.

In 2008, Starbucks closed more than 2/3 of its stores on this continent.

This Seattle’s Coffeehouse Chain simply didn’t adjust to the culture.


Australia’s coffee culture is deeply rooted in its people’s culture

and is something they take great pride in making.

No wonder why people in Melbourne

when stopped on the street and asked about

their experience with coffee said such nice things about it.

You can see what they said in the video below.

How did coffee arrive in Australia?

Thanks to the European immigrants coffee made its way into Australia.

The first commercial espresso machine

was installed in Café FlorentinoBourke Street Melbourne in 1928.

Not long after, coffee machines made their way over to Sydney

and the coffee movement slowly started to infiltrate society.

Italians’ steam-powered coffee machines were the real deal.


Italians and Greek immigrants are the ones responsible

for bringing espresso shots to Australia,

and more specifically to Melbourne.

Italian immigrants in Australia 

had a strong sense of “café culture” from their homeland. 


The custom of enjoying a cup of coffee 

while relaxing in a café originated here.

Another very famous café located in the Bourke Street in Melbourne 

is called Pellegrini Espresso Bar.

It’s described as “one of Melbourne’s most iconic destinations,

in a city that prides itself on coffee and fine food”.

Some people have been loyal customers for decades now.

Melbourne is known as a Capital of Coffe Culture

Melbourne Street Art


Melbourne has some of the world’s best street art 

and one of the popular laneways is Degraves Street. 

There are many coffee shops located here 

but the café we recommend is Cup of Truth


It’s literally a hole-in-the-wall but people love it. 

During the Coronavirus, the entire world was affected, 

and this small cafe was no exception.

Their coffee machine broke down in April 2020 

and the owners needed $30.000 to buy a new one.

A lot of people chipped in and Jon Freeman (the owner) said in tears

how he wasn’t aware of the immense love people have towards this cafe. 


There is a story about a guy from Australia ,

a girl from the U.S. and their different coffee experiences.

Ben’s traveled to the U.S. 

and he was complaining how he couldn’t find a proper cup of coffee

and he isn’t even a huge coffee lover.


Meaning, he wasn’t being picky,

simply looking for a nice cup of java.

His girlfriend didn’t quite understand his situation 

until she moved to Australia 

and took her first sip of coffee in Australia.


Now she gets him and she’s completely hooked on it.

Baristas are very professional and passionate about coffee in Australia. 

A lot of people who’ve visited this continent 

and tried the coffee can attest to it.

It’s time to introduce one of the most popular coffee types

that people enjoy drinking in Australia and it is flat white




Some say it comes from Australia, others say it’s from New Zealand.

We wouldn’t like to get into that story in this blog,

but please learn what a famous flat white is.


How is flat white made?

This is a coffee drink made from espresso 

and milk with microfoam on top.
Steamed milk is gently infused with air to produce this microfoam. 

In this way, silky, bubble-filled milk is produced. 

In a perfectly made cup of coffee, 

air bubbles should be barely visible. 

Traditionally, it is only available in small sizes (5oz-6oz), 

much smaller than typical cappuccinos and lattes.


Latte in Australia has one shot for a small 

and 2 shots large but it’s normally

served in a transparent glass 

so that you can see the pretty milk foam and it has

about one centimeter of froth 

and having it more than one centimeter

will make it become a cappuccino and having it less than one 

will make it become a flat white.


Piccolo is espresso’s younger sister. 

It is made with one shot of espresso

topped off with steamed milk.

It’s like a small version of a latte as well, but they

have the same amount of coffee. 

It’s absolutely perfect coffee for those

who want to have a strong coffee

but doesnt want to drink too much milk.


Anyhow, any choice you make, you won’t regret them. 

Just don’t forget to enjoy your coffee.

Sure you can have your go-to cup of java

in case of a much needed hit of caffeine 

on your way to work because 

you snoozed your alarm clock 5 times this morning, yet-

– always try to make time to sit down,

 enjoy the world famous street art and a flat white.







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