What are Bean to Cup machines?



Bean-to-Cup machines are the perfect choice for you.

Since the beans are ground just seconds before being used, the coffee is fresh and full of flavor.

The process is so simple. At the touch of a button, you can make a professional-quality cup of coffee in minutes.

You no longer need to grind your own coffee beans because the grinder is built-in.


What to look for in a Bean-to-Cup coffee machine?


  • Tank Capacity

How many coffees can you make before you have to refill the reservoir?

While some models have a much smaller capacity, others can last for days on end.


  • Noise Level

Look for a machine that operates as quietly as possible.

A milk frother will always make some noise, so focus on grinding and brewing instead.


  • Servicing and maintenance

You don’t want your coffee maker to be a constant source of frustration.

You are giving yourself more work if you need to clean everything by hand on a regular basis, and that is exactly what you are trying to avoid with automated high-end coffee makers.

Let’s jump right in.



What Bean to Cup coffee machines does Reliant Coffee offer?


  • Wittenborg 9100 Coffee Machine


The Wittenborg 9100 vending machine represents a further leap forward in design.

You can find a range of high-quality choices and selections here. The intuitive interface of the 10” HD screen makes it easy for the user to choose.


  • With a 10’’ touch screen – 1280 x 800 – you have an easy time making decisions.
  • It is possible to customize the design to suit local preferences.
  • It is both user-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • The layout allows you to save your personalized drink.
  • To suit different tastes, a flexible canister could offer two blends of coffee at the same time, or even whole beans as well as roasted and ground.
  • It can hold up to 4 kg of coffee.
  • The choice is yours — espresso or fresh brewed coffee, cappuccino, caffe latte, or a creamy cup of chocolate.


  •  Vitro S1 Coffee Machine


The ideal solution for small offices, convenience stores, and quick-service restaurants.

Vitro S1 Espresso is a compact coffee machine designed to provide the highest quality espresso-based drinks in any location that consumes less than 60 cups per day.

Small and compact in design, this machine fits into the smallest of spaces, is easy to clean and maintain, and operates at a high level of efficiency. It is suitable for 6 and 8oz cups only.


  • Esprecious 12 Coffee Machine


There is one canister for coffee beans and two canisters for instant ingredients in the Esprecious 12.

You can fill the two canisters with topping or cacao for flavors such as cappuccino, latte, moccachino, and hot chocolate.

You can also fill these canisters with your own preferred premixes.

  • High-quality and durable components
  • Interactive and user-friendly touchscreen
  • ECO energy-saving mode
  • Adjustable outlet for various cup sizes
  • Many coffee varieties
  • Separate hot water tap
  • Full indicators for the waste bin and drip-tray
  • Day and total counters exportable to Excel
  • Compatible with coin exchangers or other external devices


  • Vitro S5 Coffee Machine

Provides the authentic taste of real espresso.

The Vitro S5 comes with ample space for storing coffee beans, milk, chocolate, decaffeinated coffee, and instant tea, making it easy to meet the needs of settings such as offices, convenience stores, and large meetings.

This compact machine can handle the demands of a busy commercial environment despite its compact appearance.

It holds up to 370 doses of espresso, while the additional chocolate hopper holds 115 portions of hot chocolate, so you don’t have to refill it as often.


  • NIO Coffee Machine

With visible beans, illuminated ingredient canisters, glass detection, adjustable dispense heads, advanced touchscreen technology, and connect.me® telemetry, the Nio elevates the coffee experience to the next level. 

Includes two bean hoppers, three soluble hoppers, and fresh milk.

A 10.4″ Digital Touchscreen that is video capable and has a daily throughput of 150 drinks or more.

  • Offers espresso, whole bean coffee, hot chocolate, French vanilla, cappuccino topping, and hot water
  • Filling, cleaning and the removal of used grounds can be done from the outside of the machine



  • Necta Prime Coffee Machine

    The KREA PRIME is an elegant addition to the Necta Ho.Re.Ca. family.

    This fully automatic machine features sleek design, custom lighting, chrome frames, and shiny black surfaces, as well as unmatched performance.

    In addition to its backlit capacitive keypad and elegant display, the machine has state-of-the-art electronics to customize recipes easily.


    Hourly outputUp to 90 espresso



Bean to Cup Machines – Service and Maintenance


Reliant Coffee offers a variety of different Bean to Cup machines all state-of-the-art. 

Schedule a call with the company and we are gladly going to guide you though the process of carefully choosing the one that fits your needs best.

As for service and maintenance, our team of experts take proper care of your daily coffee fuel 1-3 times a week.


You don’t have to waste your time bringing your machine to us. 
Our technicians can quickly detect the issue and resolve the problem at the earliest.
They come to your location and take it to a workshop to work their magic. 
It’s time-effective and hassle free.


By maintaining consistent cleaning and maintenance, you increase the machine’s lifespan and decrease the number of reactive breakdowns.
By doing so, you will be able to reduce any unnecessary costs.
In no time your coffee machine will work like nothing happened and you can again have your cup of coffee carelessly.

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