having coffee at the own workplace


If the day goes by without drinking coffee, that day’s just no good.
Letting our work, obligations, and time-consuming things get in our way for having a moment for ourselves, is not an option. 


Have you ever thought about getting a coffee machine,
and wondered if that’s a good investment?
We think every manager and business owner has done that. 

Actually, there are several benefits of owning such a machine in your workplace.
An office hot drinking machine has been proven to improve employees’ productivity in a number of ways,
and trust us, all of them will benefit both sides as well.


Coffee Can Increase Productivity and Your Energy Level


Can you maintain the same level of productivity throughout the whole day?
Can you keep the concentration at the same pace, with the same workflow?
No, you are not a robot, and your body is telling you the same thing. 

Our natural biorhythms begin to wane around 2 PM.
At this point, our body and our mind begin to lose productivity,
and our hands are leading forward to our favorite cup.

That little caffeine content that we intake,
speeds up the whole process between our body and the brain.
When incorporated into a healthy diet,
it wakes us up and makes us more alert.

When the coffee hits us,
we will feel more energized and even vital,
which will result in more efficient work. 

Actually, stats have shown that when employees have their daily cup of happiness,
the level of productivity is much higher while the mindsets have been significantly more positive. 


Coffee in The Office Saves Time

Woman drinking coffee in her workplace

You don’t have to put yourself in employees’ shoes to see how this can benefit the lost time.
Most managers and supervisors are always in the rush.
Spending their precious time going from one place to another.

On the other hand, time in the office is usually spent in giving tasks and having meetings.
But what about that 15-minute break with your co-workers?

Instead of getting out of the office, running on the street,
and waiting in lines for what seems like an eternity,
have your coffee break right there. 

Within just a few clicks, this brewing machine will give you freshly grounded coffee,
and all you did is spend less than a minute of your time. 

Can you imagine how much you and your employees can benefit from this?
No lost time, no unnecessary walks, no nerve-racking.
Time-consuming is avoided easily thanks to these bean-to-cup machines. 


Reducing Stress While Gaining Health Benefits


Coffee drinkers probably already know this.
A daily cup of caffeine inserted into a diet can do miracles for our health.
It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduces the stress level,
and prevents all kinds of heart diseases. 

A study conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Health shows
that drinking coffee before you start working can result in a calming effect
while reducing the stress level.

What’s even more impressive is that you can also reduce muscle pain by up to 48%
by drinking 2 cups of coffee each day!
Coffee never fails to impress us, right?


It Will Increase the Level of Satisfaction and Happiness

Coffee is the secret weapon for keeping everyone in a good mood.
An office bean-to-cup machine would demonstrate the company’s concern for its employees.

Additionally, they would not have to go to the local coffee shop and
spend money on expensive branded coffees.
Instead, they can have the freshly-brewed coffee right there in their own office. 

Another incredible thing about this magic beverage is that when we drink it,
it makes us feel happy. How so?

Well, coffee affects the level of dopamine and serotonin in our brains,
blocking their re-absorption and making us feel happier.
So, having a state-of-art machine is essential to keep your employees happy and
foster a positive working environment.


It’s Creating a Comfortable Working Environment


The previous one is closely related to this one.
Implementing a coffee brewing machine in a working area will make a pleasant and comfortable working environment for everyone.

The workers can feel more home-ish while gaining the trust in their manager.
This is a simple yet effective way of showing that you care for your employees. 

When a comfortable environment is created,
the workers will be more cheerful, open up for conversations,
and motivated to deliver their best work. 


Coffee in the Office Can Help Employees Bond Over

Workers bonding over a cup of coffee in the office

Having a cohesive and collaborative group is what every manager is seeking.
But in order to have that, you have to give an opportunity for workers to bond over.
A coffee machine is an answer to your prayers. 

Let your relaxing lounge in your office be the place where the workers can get to know each other,
catch up on certain things, and even help one another in different situations.
This will allow them to talk about anything they want,
from job-related stuff to personal-life things. 

During times when they are under extreme pressure at their workplace,
this can provide them with a sense of relaxation and boost their mood.
Bonding over can benefit not only employees but the work and the manager as well.

If you have a supportive group with a good dynamic working flow,
your job is half done. 

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