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Spanish Coffee Culture:Torrefacto

What is Spanish Coffee Culture like?

What is “torrefacto”?  Mezcla, torrefacto … how do we even pronounce these words?   Since we wanted to decode these two, we’ve decided to dig

Coffee Culture in Vienna

Coffee Culture in Vienna

Viennese CoffeeHouse Culture is today part of UNESCO  as an intangible cultural heritage since 2011. We wanted to start off our article about the Viennese

Swedish Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture in Sweden: Fika

Coffee History in Sweden Let’s dive into the Swedish Coffee History.   Coffee first entered Sweden in 1674 and it wasn’t widely used until the

Kaffeeklatsch is a social tradition in Germany

German Coffee Culture

Apart from the beer, believe it or not, this is not everything Germans drink. They’ve been loving their cup of joe since forever. We can’t

10 Fun Facts About COffee Beans (2)-min

10 Interesting Coffee Facts You Should Know

Imagine drinking your favorite beverage while reaping several health benefits. In theory, it sounds amazing, in practice, even better.  Our daily caffeinated cup is not

Melbourne Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture in Australia: Coffee and Art

Australia’s obsession with coffee   Unlike the French Coffee Culture where it’s not at all about the coffee quality itself, Aussies care about the taste

How does coffee work on our brain?

How does coffee work on our brain?

  Each beverage that contains caffeine acts on the central nervous system. Speaking in scientific terms, it increases brain excitability by blocking the neurotransmitter adenosine receptors. 

Why doesn't coffee wake me up?

Why doesn’t coffee wake me up?

Reasons why coffee doesn’t affect you   Have you ever felt exhausted even though you drank your daily cup of caffeine?    No matter what

What coffee has the most caffeine?

Dear coffee lovers, even though we drink coffee every day, there are some things we still don’t know about our favorite beverage.    Okay, we

Japanese Coffee Culture: Kissatens

Have you heard about the fascinating Japanese Coffee Culture?  Let’s travel back in time and learn a little about the very beginnings of this amazing

coffee cup

Is drinking coffee a ritual?

There is something magical in our coffee rituals   Never have I ever met someone that doesn’t have a special connection to a cup of

Relaxing Area for drinking coffee in the office

How to make your office more comfortable?

Natural Lighting Environment Have you ever noticed that you have better concentration and workflow when you have your natural light in the office?  Yup, that’s

What is procaffeination?

What is “to procaffeinate”?

Are you a Procaffeinator? procaffeinate (v.) To delay or postpone action; put off doing something until you’ve had coffee. (Urban Dictionary definition)   Do you

French Coffee Culture

French Culture and Coffee

Take an espresso and enjoy your French coffee! Bonjour,‌ les ‌amoureux‌ ‌de ‌café‌ ‌!‌ ‌ Oh là là –  France here we come! Put a

Where was coffee first discovered?

Did you know that the most popular beverage in the world is coffee itself?   It’s known that coffee dates back to the 15th century,

7 questions about the coffee

7 Most Common Coffee Questions

Enjoy the ride, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to our favorite beverage!   How much caffeine does

Coffee Vending History

Coffee Vending History   Coffee has been prepared in various ways throughout history.   But the invention of the steam engine, the industrial revolution, and