Start your engine with coffee!

Our clients never settle for less. Why?

Because you can provide a full lounge dealership experience for you and your customers.
Car Dealerships will hit your car taste and
Reliant Coffee will provide the ideal taste
associated with the freshly bought car!

Some like it fast, even though it’s big and tall, some short and tiny but hot as hell… and some cold as your ex’s heart.
You know what we’re talking about, right?
Different tastes in coffee of course!
Maybe we weren’t so clear.
Your taste in cars matches your taste in coffee
Just read the first sentence again. 😉
What about your Favorite smell?
Fresh flowers, newly printed books, leather suits…
The brand-new car smell and the smell
of your favorite cup of coffee, mixed!
Who said the PERFECT combo doesn’t exist?
Imagine having all that in ONE place.
Full Lounge Experience with your favorite Car Dealership.
When we say full, we mean it. We want to make your
experience the best one you’ve ever had.
Now you can give your customers that.

Just think about it. If you are a businessman or businesswoman your whole day is full of duties, everything is in a rush,
 everything is tense.
Would you like to slow down even for a moment, wherever you are,
and have a mindful cup of coffee?
In all that chaos, the customers usually don’t have time to even have lunch, sit alone and relax with their coffee.

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That’s when you step in!
You will provide them a full self-indulgence experience with car keys in one hand and a favorite cup of beverage in the other.
When they are in doubt about picking a car model,
color, or anything else,
YOU will be the one to help them clear their minds.
Because you are always there for your customers!

A freshly ground coffee
packed in recycled cardboard coffee cups,
providing you with a vast number of choices to pick from.
What makes our machines so special is that
we offer six different coffee machines with exclusive products,
supplied by world-known coffee distributors.

The customers will come at any time of the day.

If it’s in the morning, they might be sleepy, after work, too tired, or even confused with all the given information. Very often, coffee will help them get their thoughts and feelings together and make decisions easily.

A: 4360 Oakes Rd, Davie, FL, 33314
T: +(1) 888 448 0234


With your professional staff members, top-notch services, and our mind-blowing coffee, your customers will experience full hedonism.