Top 5 Ingredients – Coffee Recipes for Christmas

Top 5 Ingredients - Coffee Recipes for Christmas


Need a coffee recipe for Christmas to match your holiday spirit? 

Reliant Coffee has got your back! It’s the most wonderful time of the year which means it is the perfect time to spice up your favorite caffeinated beverage with some delicious ingredients. In addition, there is nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. 

If you lack Christmas coffee ideas we are here to save the day! Whether you are looking for a creamy texture, sweetened coffee with spicy flavors, or a blend of strong tastes, with our secret items you will be in full holly jolly Christmas spirit!

We singled out the top 5 ingredients for your Christmas flavored coffee for the ultimate winter warmers. Let’s check them!

1. Cinnamon

Coffee recipes for Christmas - Cinnamon stick on a hot cup of coffee

If you want to sweeten up your coffee and at the same time add some unique flavor to it, cinnamon is a great choice. The best thing about it is that you will get an incredible coffee taste without adding a lot of sugar to it. 

Add a pinch of cinnamon, or even more if you prefer, to your coffee grounds at the start of your brewing process and stir it with a teaspoon. The other thing you can try is instead of using ground cinnamon, add a cinnamon stick inside your Christmas cup. 

2. Brandy

Brandy-infused coffee is usually served after dinner and consumed as a digestif, so it makes the ideal Christmas evening drink. 

Spice up your coffee by adding two tablespoons of brandy to your coffee. If you want to reach for the fuller flavor you can stir in a dash of sugar and top it with heavy cream. It’s totally up to you. 

3. Marshmallows

Marshmallows on a cup of coffee - Coffee Recipes for Christmas

One of the most popular ways of making your coffee in a festive mood is by adding some marshmallows to it. 

This is a perfect beverage for sweet tooths for sure and a great alternative to cream and sugar. And the ones who are really digging the sweet flavor can even mix all these three ingredients in their cup!

Put marshmallows on top of your hot coffee as much as you wish, and watch them melt into the cup of happiness. To make it extra sweet, add some to the bottom of your mug before you pour the coffee and stir it thoroughly.

4. Gingerbread syrup

In order to reach the real holiday spirit add some gingerbread syrup into your brewed coffee. You can add it in two ways, either on top of your beverage or at the bottom of your cup before pouring the coffee over. 

There is no need for additional sugar because the syrup is a perfectly balanced mix of ginger, biscuit, and cinnamon.

5. Whipped cream

Whipped cream on a hot cup of coffee surrounded by Christmas ornaments

One of the best Christmas coffee flavors is whipped cream. Nothing says “Holiday time” better than whipped cream drizzling over your favorite hot beverage. Adding whipped cream to your coffee is similar to topping ice cream over your drink – it is basically cream that has been aerated.

Whipping cream will slowly become liquid again when added to hot coffee. To prevent clumping, stir in your whipped cream completely, or simply spread it on top of your hot beverage and sprinkle it with cocoa powder.

It’s totally up to your preferences which recipe for Christmas coffee you are going to choose. The best thing of all is that all these ingredients can be used for any caffeinated beverage like cappuccino, mocha, espresso, flat white, macchiato, and basically any other type of coffee you prefer! 

Choose your coffee flavor and make this Christmas loveable, joyful, and delicious! 

How Do You Make a Lungo – Coffee Recipe

How Do You Make a Lungo - Coffee Recipe

Lungo represents Italian-style coffee that results in a perfect blend of espresso and water.

What is a caffe lungo?

Caffee lungo in the glass

A lungo is an extended espresso prepared with more water. Due to the fact that more water runs through the ground coffee, it is diluted somewhat more than regular espresso shots.

Lanugo means “long” in Italian 🇮🇹

In other words, when making this beverage you will be pulling a long shot. If you want to pull a shorter one, even shorter than espresso, you will end up making a Ristretto coffee. And, if you pull a regular shot (not too short or too long), you will get a regular Espresso.

The word lungo is pronounced lung-go

It is quite similar to English though, we have to admit. The lungo shot does not have as much intensity as espresso and is such a bitter aftertaste. The main culprit for this flavor of coffee is allowing the water to run through the espresso for a lengthy amount of time. With a longer time spent in the espresso machine, the coffee grounds are able to release completely new and unique aromas. At the end of your making process, lungo coffee will be prepared with beautifully shiny crema!

REMEMBER: It takes a combination of the right coffee beans, the quality espresso machine, and proper processing to make a perfect cup of this Italian-style coffee. 

Necessary equipment for making lungo coffee

  1. Whole coffee beans

When you decide to make lungo, make sure you buy the whole coffee beans. However, when it comes to the type of beans, you can choose whichever you prefer. 

  1. Espresso machine 

The best way to make authentic and original lungo is by using an espresso machine. However, if you don’t have one, you can also use a Nespresso machine to make coffee that is similar to the original.

  1. Coffee grinder

If your espresso machine doesn’t have the coffee grinder, you have to get one in order to get fresh coffee beans. 

  1. Filtered water

Any coffee drink should be made with good quality water that was filtered before the actual use.

Lungo coffee recipe

Preparation time: 2 min
Cook time: 0 min
Total time: 2 min


  • 0.25-0.35 oz of whole coffee beans
  • 50-100mL of filtered, hot water

A lungo is prepared in the same way as an espresso. Nevertheless, there is one key difference: the extraction time is longer – usually around one minute to pull. While regular espresso shots are usually an ounce, a lungo shot is usually between 1 ½ ounce to two ounces. The lungo will produce a larger cup of coffee as more water is extracted. Thanks to this method, the bitterness of the coffee is decreased in comparison with espresso and ristretto that have a shorter extraction time.

1️⃣Choose and grind your coffee beans

On the espresso machine or with hot water, preheat your lungo cup. Once that is done, take the measured beans (0.25 oz for a single shot and 0.5 oz for a double shot) and put them directly into a portafilter to grind them as fine as possible.

2️⃣Tampting the coffee grounds

Make sure that the grounded coffee is leveled up by pressing on it firmly using the tamper, until it is evenly and fully compressed. Place the espresso basket (portafilter) on a towel before tamping so you can easily discard used grounds. To make the best lungo shot, you need to straighten and even the coffee grounds as much as possible.

3️⃣Pull the Lungo shot

Press the button to pull the shot after placing the portafilter in the espresso machine. Leave the water running longer than usual for an espresso shot and dispense the shot after around 40 to 50 seconds. In general extraction, time is determined primarily by the type of coffee beans you are using, their grind, as well as the espresso machine’s pressure.

After the shot is pulled, and your cup is filled with Lungo, it’s coffee time!

How to drink lungo coffee?

Lungo coffee in the grey cup on the table


You can drink it however and whenever you want. It is really up to you. Because the Lungo coffee represents the extended version of espresso due to adding hot water, it is served into large cups.

As a result, you are able to retain all of the espresso’s flavors while extending them only by adding water leaving no bitter aftertaste.

How to Make Ristretto at Home – Coffee Recipe

How to Make Ristretto at Home - Coffee Recipe

What Is a Ristretto Coffee?

Ristretto coffee is an espresso shot drawn in a shorter amount of time compared to a standard shot. When making this caffeinated beverage you will need around 15 to 20 seconds, which will result in a single espresso shot – 0.5 oz (15mL). This means that the flavor of ristretto coffee will be sweeter, more concentrated, and intense compared to a regular one. 

What’s so interesting about this coffee is its name. Coming from the great Bel Paese when translated from Italian, Ristretto means restricted or shortened.
Which is exactly what this coffee is!

There are different terms used to describe this coffee, for instance, Café Ristretto, Ristretto, or Caffè Ristretto, however, they all represent the same drink. So, next time go to a coffee shop and you see some of these terms, be sure that it is all the same coffee – Ristretto!

What Are Ristretto Shots?

Ristretto shots in the glass mug on the table

The ristretto shot is a shot of ristretto coffee, but there is a little trick. If you decide to order a shot of ristretto coffee in a cafe, you will get a double shot of ristretto. This is because a single shot of ristretto is just half an ounce or 15 ml of a regular espresso.

As you can see on your own, it is a very small amount of coffee for one to enjoy. Therefore, each barista will prepare you a double shot to get an ounce or 30 ml of your desired ristretto, the way you would with a standard espresso.

How Do You Make a Ristretto Coffee?

Fresh and hot Ristretto coffee on the table - preparation method

Preparation time: 2 min
Cook time: 0 min
Total time: 2 min

1️⃣Choose and grind your coffee beans

Choose the coffee beans you would use for your espresso shot. Whether it’s Arabica or Robusta, we recommend a lighter roast to reduce the acidic taste. 

Take about 0.25 oz (7 grams) of coffee for a single or 0.5 oz (14 grams) for a double Ristretto shot. Depending on the roast and brand of beans, your machine may need a different grind. Whichever machine you are using, make sure that you grind your coffee beans more finely than you would for an espresso. A finer grind will result in less water flowing through the beans, which will reduce bitterness.

Double Ristretto Shot

The double ristretto should be one ounce (30 mL). You must use two separate espresso pucks to make a double shot. Firstly, take 7 grams of coffee and pull one 15 mL shot, dispose of it, and then use another 7 grams of coffee to pour a second 15 mL. Your double ristretto shot will be equivalent to 1 ounce (30 ml), which is different from a standard double espresso size of two ounces.

2️⃣Tamp down the coffee grounds 

Place the coffee grounds in the portafilter so that they are slightly piled on top. Press the grounds firmly into the portafilter using the tamper, until it is evenly and fully compressed. Tapping the portafilter should be done on a folded towel, or you can use a knock box to tamp and discard the grounds. To get the best ristretto shot, the grounds must be as straight and even as possible.

3️⃣Pull the Ristretto shot

Put the prepared portafilter in the espresso machine and use Manual mode to pull the shot. Make sure the shot lasts for about 15 to 20 seconds, which will result in less hot water being pushed through the grounds. Upon the finish, you will get 1 ½ ounce of Ristretto coffee with a caramel-colored crème.


How to Make a Flat White Step by Step

How to Make a Flat White Step by Step

The flat white drink originates in New Zealand 🇳🇿 and today this caffeinated drink is their pride and joy.

Derek Townsend, a founder of Karajoz Coffee Company was the inventor of this beautiful, and now worldwide known coffee. That happened in 1981 when, according to Derek, his friends opened the first real cafe in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald calls the flat white the “quintessential Kiwi coffee.” While Sydney coffee shops may have first served the drink in the 1980s, the Herald writes, Wellington is where the flat white drink was perfected.


What’s Flat White?

A flat white coffee drink is made of strong espresso served with creamy milk froth. That milk froth is known as microfoam that is made out of steamed milk that will result in small bubbles and smooth consistency.  

The drink is similar to a Latte, except that it is smaller in volume and has less foam. Therefore, with a higher proportion of coffee than milk, you will get a more espresso dominant flavor drink, and when it comes to milk it is more velvety in its consistency. 


Flat White VS Cappuccino

Flat white coffee vs cappuccino coffee differences

A flat white coffee drink is made with double Espresso with micro-foamed milk. On the other side, a Cappuccino drink is usually made from one espresso shot, one-third of steamed milk, and one-third of milk froth.

So, cappuccinos have less milk to cut the intensity of the espresso thus making this drink stronger. Due to the amount of milk, the flat white tends to taste a bit tamer than a cappuccino. Therefore if you want to get a stronger caffeinated beverage to go for a cappuccino and if you want to go for a lighter and smoother drink, choose flat white. 

Prep: 3 mins

Cook: 5 mins

Total: 8 mins

Ingredients ♨️

  • Two espresso shots
  • 100ml steamed milk


Preparation method for flat white coffee

Take the coffee beans of your choice and get prepared to make your espresso shots. With available home equipment such as an Espresso coffee machine, AeroPress, or French press, make your shots and pour them over into your favorite glass mug. Before you pour the espresso over, you can add some sugar inside the cup if you desire. 

Steam the milk with the steamer while making sure you have one to two centimeters of foam on top. Foam your milk in a way to create a smooth, moist microfoam rather than a stiff, dry one. The milk jug should be gently bumped on a table to remove large air bubbles after frothing. Finally, it’s time to pour the frothed milk into the mug. 

Follow the steps of doing so so you can get the original flat white coffee drink.

Hold the milk jug three to four centimeters above the mug and start pouring milk steadily. With the volume of the drink increasing, start bringing the jug closer to the drink aiming for the center. When the jug is almost touching the drink surface, tilt it for a faster flow pour. 

Milk will naturally fold in on itself to form a pattern as you accelerate the flow. This will result in a layer of thick, floating cream. Your drink is ready!

We hope you liked this homemade flat white drink recipe, and sincerely hope you will enjoy it!
Mugs up!

How to Make A Perfect Café Au Lait – Coffee Recipe

How to Make A Perfect Café Au Lait - Coffee Recipe

Welcome to another homemade coffee recipe provided by Reliant Coffee Service. Today, we are going to learn step by step how to make a perfect Cafe au Lait.  This popular caffeinated drink comes from France 🇫🇷, and it represents a French pressed or strong drip-brewed coffee with steamed milk poured on top.

The pronunciation of cafe au lait might be a little difficult but it sounds something like “Café o la le” which actually means “the light brown color of coffee with milk”. What’s so great about this drink is that it’s very delicious yet the calories in cafe au lait are very low, so there’s no guilt while drinking it!

This widely popular beverage has its own name in different countries. For instance, in Germany it is known as milchkaffee, in Poland kawa biała (“white coffee”), while in Spain it’s called café con leche. And for our dear vegan friends, there is also our cafe au lait with soya milk, so you will not feel left out. 

When we say coffee with milk/leche, a lot of people tend to mix this caffeinated beverage with cafe latte.

Therefore, let’s check the differences!

Cafe au lait vs Latte

Cafe au lait VS Latte


When making the original latte recipe, we use bold espresso as our coffee beans, while in cafe au lait we use regular brewed coffee (strong coffee beans). Cafe latte consists of more milk and foam, and can be made with various flavors. Cafe au lait is more straightforward without additional flavors and foams. However, compared to the French version, the American version of cafe au lait has chicory added.

Now that we’ve explained the differences between these two coffee types, we are going to learn a homemade recipe for cafe au lait with only a few easy steps! Generally, this recipe makes a single serving, but you can increase the quantities to make the desired cups of coffee.


Prep: 5 minutes

Cook: 0 minutes

Total: 5 minutes



  • Strong brewed coffee
  • Steamed milk (any type)

If you wonder about the ratio, you should know that there’s no set size for cafe au lait. If there is brewed coffee and milk in it, you will get the coffee you want.



Step 1️⃣ 

Firstly we are going to grind the coffee. 

Our advice is to use strong coffee beans in order to reach the original cafe au lait flavor. Brew it in your chosen coffee machine. As we mentioned before, the amount of coffee is totally up to you, since there is no set ratio.

Step 2️⃣

When you finish brewing coffee, it’s time to steam and froth the milk. 

Pour approximately an equal amount of milk as coffee into the microwave-safe bowl and heat it for about 45 seconds. When the milk is heated, use any equipment you have available at your home. Whether it’s an espresso machine, French press, or simple electric milk frother, it will do the job.You can even use a whisk to froth the milk, simply by stirring back and forth quickly.

Step 3️⃣

Pouring frothed milk over coffee for Cafe au Lait

After the milk has reached the foamy texture, pour over the coffee down the side of the bowl. By doing so you will create a thin layer of foam on top of your homemade cafe au lait. If you find this coffee too strong or bitter for you, you can add some sugar to it to sweeten up the drink. 

Your homemade cafe au lait is ready. If you’re creative, try creating some art with the steamed milk, or simply sprinkle some cinnamon on top if you desire. 

How To Make a Perfect Macchiato – Coffee Recipe

How To Make a Perfect Macchiato - Coffee Recipe


Like every Thursday at Reliant Coffee Service, it’s time for the Coffee Recipe Blog! Today, we are traveling to Italy 🇮🇹 like almost every Thursday so far. Italy is really known for inventing different and the most popular types of coffee. On today’s menu, we have a mix of espresso and a light latte, which results in a Macchiato coffee drink. 

It represents a caffeinated drink perfect for those who want a boost of caffeine without consuming too many calories.  The word macchiato comes from Italy, obviously, and it means stained. It actually describes the dark espresso stained with milk foam. 

And, the most interesting thing about this caffeinated beverage is that many people claim that Macchiato is invented so that you can drink espresso in the afternoon.

A caffè macchiato is also called espresso macchiato. It is made with an espresso shot topped with frothed milk. However, this is not the only version of this Italian coffee.

Another one, also very popular, is Latte Macchiato.  It is made with mainly steaming milk stained with an espresso on top. The taste is very unusual because it reminds us of a cafe latte yet it has a bit of the aroma of espresso in it.  And now you are probably in total confusion, what is the difference between latte macchiato and caffe latte? We will make it clear!

In classic latte, we have two shots of espresso with added frothed milk, while in latte macchiato we have espresso added to our steaming milk with a bit more foam. Now that we have distinguished some things, let’s move on to our main recipe. 

Get comfy because we are going to learn how to make a perfect macchiato in a homemade version.

Let’s start!

Prepare Your Espresso

Preparing espresso for homemade Macchiato

As one of the most popular ingredients of this beverage, we need to make our own espresso first before making an actual coffee macchiato.

We will avoid a simple yet strong regular coffee, and search out for the right dark and bitter flavor of our beans. So, in order to make espresso, we need to find dark roasted coffee beans and a good espresso grinder.

Use whichever equipment is available at your homes such as an Espresso machine (most desirable), Aeropress, or simple manual espresso maker. 

If you don’t have any but you plan on buying one, the cheapest solution will be an Aeropress. However, one should be aware that the flavor is not as good as espresso made with the Espresso machine, but it will do the job. 

Our measure for Macchiato is two shots of espresso, which makes this beverage a very strong yet delicious drink!

Prepare Your Frothed Milk

Frothing milk for homemade Macchiato

To reach the desired look and flavor, you should use whole milk. It’s because it contains the highest milk fat thus it will end up in a much richer taste. However, if you have a manual milk frother, you can use 2% milk as well.

Keep that in mind that when buying milk, try to look out for the one that is as fresh as possible, because if you take the one close to its expiration date, you won’t get the desired foam.

Also, for our vegan friends, you can make your coffee Macchiato with dairy-free products too! The best milk for vegan macchiato is oat milk because it has a great taste and froths up pretty well.

How to froth your milk without an espresso machine?

We’ve ruled out the possibility of having an espresso machine at your home. That’s why we focused on how to make a perfect macchiato with some simple equipment that you have in your household. 

First, heat the milk and then use the available tools in your home to froth the milk. 

Before frothing the milk, heat it on the stove at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a perfect temperature since it’s not too hot and yet not simmering either. 

You can use a handheld milk frother which works pretty well and makes the milk foam very frothy. 

If you don’t have one, you can even use a simple whisk too! When using the whisk, there is the possibility to make a bit larger bubbles with less foam, but it will still end up with a pretty nice frothed milk on top. 

Make Your Caffè Macchiato


We are almost done folks!

When you made your espresso shots, and you finished frothing your milk, it’s time for the mix! After you finish with milk preparation, use a spoon to take the top of the dry foam only and put it on the top of your espresso cup.

Compared to latte, the foam will not blend into your espresso, but rather float on top of it!

With such an appealing look, your Macchiato is ready and you can savor in your homemade caffeinated drink!


How to Make a Perfect Mocha – Coffee Recipe

How to Make a Perfect Mocha – Coffee Recipe


Caffè mocha (/ˈmɒkə/ or /ˈmoʊkə/)

Represents a chocolate-flavored hot caffeinated drink, as a variation of caffè latte, which servings tend to be in glasses rather than mugs. 

It’s also popular under the name of mocaccino (Italian: [mokatˈtʃiːno] 🇮🇹 mochaccino and mochachino. This unusual name for coffee comes from the city of Mocha, Yemen 🇾🇪 known as one of the biggest centers of early coffee trades.

Different ingredients can be used in order to make this sweet caffeinated beverage. Thus comes one of the most popular variations:  white mocha and iced mocha.

However, the original caffè mocha recipe is made of one-third espresso and two-thirds steamed milk topped with cocoa powder.

Let’s find out how to make a perfect mocha step by step!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes


  • One cup of brewed coffee (espresso shot if possible)
  • Chocolate syrup or cocoa powder
  • Steamed milk


Brewing Coffee

brewing espresso for caffe mocha

The first thing we’re going to do is prepare our caffeinated beverage. If you have the necessary equipment to make espresso, since it’s used in the original recipe, we recommend you make two espresso shots.

If not, you may opt for regular coffee, since it’s a homemade version. An average measure would be around 2 ounces.

This means that you can use any type of coffee beans you prefer/have, and that includes decaf as well. 


Cocoa Powder or Chocolate Syrup

Cocoa powder for making caffe mocha

When making your mocha you can choose between chocolate syrup or cocoa powder.
If we want our coffee to be 100% homemade, we can even make chocolate syrup on our own.

Choose your own measure, and mix together Cocoa powder, a bit of water, along with sugar, or simply melt the chocolate of your choice.

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s milk chocolate or dark,  pick the one you like the best, even if it’s a white one as well. 2 ounces of chocolate should be sufficient 

However, syrup doesn’t really have a set amount.

You can adjust the measure of chocolate to your own preference, and feel free to experiment a little bit.

Steamed Milk

Steaming milk for mocha coffee

What goes for coffee beans, same goes for milk. Basically, you can use any type of milk you want. This means that you can use non-dairy ones as well.

However, to follow the original recipe, we are going to steam the milk. Just remember that the milk with higher fat content will result in a richer and creamier beverage.

You can simply put it in the microwave and heat it, along with your chosen chocolate or syrup.

On the other hand, if you have a milk steamer, use that one since it can be a big plus!

Stir the milk and chocolate together, until they are fully combined with a creamy texture. Pour the mixture into your coffee mug, and enjoy your homemade caffeè mocha!





To Wrap It Up 

Combining coffee and chocolate can never result in a disaster. Even if you are not so good in the kitchen, (we’re not either), these recipes were created in a way that both rookies and professionals can make them easily. 

Make your homemade mocha coffee effortlessly without needing fancy equipment, lengthy preparations, or special techniques.

Sip it and enjoy it!


How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino – Coffee Recipe

How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino – Coffee Recipe

One of the most popular coffees worldwide

Right next to Espresso and Latte

Is Cappuccino with the same Italian origin 🇮🇹

This magnificent caffeinated beverage, 

Is made with a mix of espresso and 

steamed milk foam, which results in perfect texture. 

What is so great about Cappuccino coffee

Is that you can make different variations of it. 

Instead of using steamed milk, you can put some cream, 

non-dairy milk, or even add some flavors like chocolate powder or cinnamon.

Before we move on to steps of how to make a perfect cappuccino,

Here are some useful tips.

Important things to know!

  • A cup of cappuccino should be 5 to 5.5oz in size
  • Make sure that the milk is as fresh as possible
  • Use whole milk to achieve the richest, velvetiest cappuccino
  • If you prefer a smoother texture, you can use a low-fat milk
  • If you are vegan, you can go with oat milk to make your cappuccino

Prepare Milk for Your Cappuccino

Preparing milk for homemade cappuccino

If we compare this type of drink to cafe latte, 

It contains more milk froth. In this beverage, 

one-third of it is espresso shot, 

while another two-thirds is steamed milk and milk foam. 

To get the desired texture, we need to use different techniques.

  1. The milk jug should be filled to the top of the spout.
  2. Put the steam under the jug and then turn on the steam.
  3. Move the steam wand slowly below the surface to bring the milk volume up.
  4. Stop the procedure when the temperature is around 140oF.
  5. To release larger bubbles in the foam, hit the jug on a hard surface and stir until the milk turns shiny.
  6. Be careful not to boil the milk.

Use a milk frother or whisk to stir the milk. 

Adjust the needed speed as the milk begins to thicken. 

Keep mixing until foam reaches 1/3 of the cup or desired volume of froth. 

Be aware that the consistency of foam 

depends on the fat content of milk.

Espresso Making Process

Espresso making process for cappuccino coffee

The best thing to do is to make an espresso with an espresso machine.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have one, there are other ways.

You can use a small manual espresso maker or even Aeropress.

It won’t be as good as coffee made with an espresso machine, but it will do the job.

Use the equipment you have in your own home. 

The traditional cappuccino is made with a single espresso shot, 

poured the hot foamed milk on top.

This results in a 2 cm (3⁄4 in) thick milk foam layer. 

However, variations can be made. 

According to your taste, you can add another shot of espresso,

Which will result in a double cappuccino.

Serving your Cappuccino

Serving your homemade cappuccino

When the espresso shot is ready, it’s time to mix prepared drinks. 

Your caffeinated beverage is already in the mug, as we make the espresso shot. 

Pour over your frothed milk slowly, starting at the center,

and going outward toward the rim in a circular motion.

The foam should be formed over the top.

If desired, you can add some additional flavor 

like cinnamon or chocolate syrup.

We hope that you find these steps easy,

And that we helped you on 

How to make a perfect cappuccino.

Your homemade drink is ready. 

Sip it and enjoy it!

How to Make a Perfect Latte – Coffee Recipe

How to make a perfect latte - coffee recipe

Thursday, a day for Coffee Recipes!

In our previous blog, we explained how to make a perfect espresso cup.

Today, we are making un caffe latte! 🇮🇹 


With the Reliant Coffee guide, 

Our plan is to show you how to make your

favorite caffeinated beverage step by step,

while letting your imagination run wild!


And what’s the best thing of all you ask?

You won’t be needing any additional equipment!

You can flavor up your beverage however you like, 

add some chocolate, vanilla, or any kind of topping of your preference!


Also, the ones who are dairy intolerant, don’t worry!

We can use dairy-free products as well, and still, get the desirable taste!

In this process, we are going to use ingredients that are meant for 

Original Coffee Latte.


However, we don’t want to limit your taste,

Therefore you can experiment with diverse flavors as well.

Let’s start!




Ingredients for making coffee latte


Freshly Brewed Coffee: it is essential to use espresso if we want to reach that

desirable aroma, but any strongly brewed coffee will do the job. 


Any Type of Milk: we recommend steamed milk, for following the original recipe.

If not, then you can use dairy-free, fat-free, whole, or skim milk.

It is totally up to you and your preferences.

To flavor it up a bit, you can add some sweetened creamer for your convenience.




The only thing you need to make your homemade coffee latte

is a kitchen whisk perfectly suited to your favorite coffee mug. 


No machines, no additional equipment, no expensive tools!




making process for homemade coffee latte


You will need around 2 ounces of dark-roasted beans

for the brewing process. 

Again, if you have any other beans that you prefer, 

Pick the ones of your choice and make an espresso shot.


Let the coffee brew itself while you heat the milk for 30 to 45 seconds. 

After the milk has been heated, take your whisk and 

start whisking back and front until you reach the frothy texture of the milk. 


That takes up to around 30 seconds or less.

When the espresso shot is over, sip it into your mug.

At this point, the ratio is 1/3 of coffee and 2/3 milk. 


You can make the coffee latte however you want. 

Just follow the given ratio. 

When it comes to ounces,

some standards that most cafe places are using is a double shot of espresso

with approximately 5-6 ounces of milk.

This will give you around 10 to 12 ounces of coffee latte.


After you dispense your coffee into your mug, 

slowly pour the frothed milk over it. 

A traditional latte will look pretty much the same

after the foam rises to the surface of your cup.


Desired Flavors


Chocolate Caffee Latte – According to your preferences add 1 or 2  tablespoons

of chocolate syrup before the step of heating your preferred milk. 


Vanilla Coffee Latte – When the milk is heated, add ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract,

and then pour your brewed coffee over it.


Other toppings –  cinnamon, cardamom, maple syrup, ginger, cocoa powder, and raw honey. 


Sip it, drink it, and enjoy your own homemade Cafe Latte!

4 Simple Steps on How to Make the Perfect Espresso – Coffee Recipe 

4 Simple Steps on How to Make the Perfect Espresso – Coffee Recipe

Many of our readers wonder how to make a perfect espresso and one should know that it is not as difficult as you think. Instead of constantly spending money on your favorite caffeinated beverage at expensive cafe places, why wouldn’t you make one? Yeah, we know, it’s easier to go and get everything served on the plate…

But how can you know that you really got those freshly brewed coffee beans? 
Well, if you are a wise thinker you can have a  True Barista Experience at Your Place. If you decide to go with Bean to Cup Machine your desired drink will be just a click away.

With a mixture of 40% of Arabica and 60% of Robusta (Coffee canephora) beans, you will have freshly brewed coffee made right there in front of you.

And the best thing of all, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty! However, if you want to experiment a little bit and try to make a perfect espresso shot on your own, Reliant Coffee is at your service as always.

Let’s see how.

The first thing you are going to do is choose the coffee maker you have, prefer, or it suits your skills the best. 

                        📌                                         📌                                  📌                   

Using aeropress for making espresso coffeeUsing Moka Pot machine for making espresso coffee

Using French Press for making espresso shot coffee

Making espresso with these coffee makers is not that complicated, but if you want to reach that perfect shot, the best thing to use is the espresso machine. Since we want all that’s best for our readers, we have provided a perfect Espresso Recipe that you can make with a little help from your chosen espresso machine.

Follow the given steps:

Prepare Your Coffee Beans

Picture of dark coffee beans

To make a quality espresso shot,
take dark roasted beans and a grinder.

If you aim to make an average single espresso shot you should take 0.21 to 0.28 oz of coffee grounds. This is not strict and you can adapt it up and down. However, if you want to make a double espresso shot, you will need around 0.52 oz.

In order to ensure you measured it precisely,
you can use a kitchen scale but don’t forget to remove the portafilter first before measurement. To reach the fine and powdery texture of the grounds, use the very fine settings you have on your grinder.  

Placing and Tamping Down

After you get the perfect measure in the portafilter,
spread the grounds evenly with your fingers. Then on the countertop or any other flat area, set the portafilter and push the tamper to tamp down the grounds.

This will result in the perfectly tamped grounds for a quality espresso shot.

Pull the Coffee Shot

We are almost here peeps!

At this point, you should take your machine, lock the portafilter in it, place your chosen vessel underneath, and begin with the shot procedure. Your delicious cup of coffee will be ready in less than 30 seconds, though you will need practice until you achieve your perfect, tasty shot. 

The flavor should not be too bitter or acidic, while the look should not be too dark or light, with a light coating of caramel-colored topping.

Use Milk if Wanted

Making espresso coffee with milk

The steps above are the ones that should be followed
in case you want to make an original recipe for espresso. On the other hand, if you want to expand your sense of taste, you can add some ingredients such as milk and syrups.

Once you do this, you are on your way to making a good coffee latte.

We are absolutely sure you will enjoy your handmade caffeinated beverage while making you feel like a true barista!