Interesting Facts about Finland

When we say the word “Finland”, what do you first think of?

We’d love to see what kind of associations you make with “the land of the thousand lakes” in the comment section down below.

Let’s start off this article by stating very basic yet important information, which is: Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe.

It is known for many things such as nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, their saunas, or for many of us, our first cell phones were made by Finland’s master company, Nokia.

Another interesting and helpful thing to know is, if you want to breathe in fresh air, Finland is definitely the country to go to since the World Health Organization confirmed that Finland’s impeccable air quality is due to having fewer cars and no large polluting industries close by.


For all the sleep lovers around the world, we have great news. Finland celebrates National Sleepy Head Day on July 27th. They let themselves sleep in. Be careful though because there is a catch you need to be aware of. You can most certainly sleep in, but don’t rise last otherwise, you’ll be thrown into the nearest lake by someone from your family.

Perhaps you will put more faith in the picture below if you do not believe us.

The world’s biggest coffee drinkers

Yes, it’s definitely Finnish people.

You might be wondering why coffee is so popular in Finland but it is completely normal for them to drink one morning coffee, two at a coffee break, and one in the afternoon after work.

No wonder then that the average amount of coffee consumption per Finn is 2,64 cups a day. That makes altogether 9,6 kg of coffee beans per year. 

Also, isn’t it amazing that it’s mandatory by law, to have two 10-15 minute coffee breaks at work, every day? 

Please note: Mandatory!! 

We’d love to move to Finland. What about you, guys?

By the way, it is considered impolite to say no to a cup of coffee when in a Finnish household. 

Simply, this is about showing respect on both sides.


What kind of coffee do the Finnish people prefer?

In Finland, coffee is roasted lighter than it is elsewhere in Southern and Central Europe, and is regarded as the lightest roast in the world.

A wide variety of (increasingly popular) dark- to medium-roasted coffees, both from Finnish and foreign brands, can be found in supermarkets and grocery stores in Finland.

According to a survey, done in 2020, the most trusted coffee brand in Finland is Juhla Mokha.

The growing importance of the specialty coffee culture in Finland is also illustrated by large coffee events such as the Helsinki Coffee Festival.

This was organized for the first time in April 2016. 

The festival focused on topics such as the quality of coffee, coffee and health, ‘Cold Brew’, and the coffee culture in Finland.

As you can see, coffee is without exaggeration a very important part of the Finnish Culture.

So, you can definitely expect to be served coffee when you over somebody’s place in Finland. 

Please, accept it as a sign of great hospitality and appreciation, otherwise, if you refuse it, you will most definitely insult the host.

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