Coffee Culture in Vienna

Viennese CoffeeHouse Culture is today part of UNESCO 

as an intangible cultural heritage since 2011.


We wanted to start off our article

about the Viennese Coffee Culture

by stating this very important fact.



Although Vienna wasn’t the first city in Europe

to open a coffee shop, 

coffee drinking has become an art form 

and their coffeehouses are charming.



We’ve been meaning to ask you 

if you have ever wanted to order your cappuccino, 

sit at a coffee table for hours and just do nothing but

sip on your coffee and read newspapers for free?



Well, Viennese coffee houses are the perfect place to do just that.

That’s right.

In contrast to other cafe traditions, 

it is completely normal for a customer to 

linger for hours reading the newspaper.


The waiter will serve a glass of cold tap water along with the coffee 

and during a long stay, will bring additional water without being asked, 

with the idea of showing the guest exceptional attention.



Students do their studying, tutors their tutoring, 

writers their writing in coffeehouses. 

You can play chess, cards or billiards.



Austrian Coffee Legend


A legend goes around in this city about how coffee came to be.

In 1683, the Polish-Habsburg army drove Turkish invaders from this town.

They left behind sacks of the small brown bean. 



Initially, the army intended to burn the bags 

because they were mistaken for camel feed.

However, Polish King Jan III Sobieski

passed those beans on to a police officer 

named Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki. 



Kulczycki began experimenting with the pellets, 

adding milk and sugar, 

and gave birth to the country’s premier beverage. 

Soon after, he opened Vienna’s first coffee house.

This is a very nice legend, isn’t it?


When was the first coffeehouse actually opened?



Johann Diodato was granted the privilege 

of serving coffee in Vienna in 1685.

Johannes opened the very first coffee shop in Vienna, 

and coffee drinking soon became a habit throughout Europe.


Cafe Landtmann in Vienna Austria

 We’ve done our research on best coffee shops in Vienna and 

we’ve discovered that if you want to feel like a true king,

a coffeehouse called Landtmann can give you that experience.


It’s just like sitting in your living room.

This is what they said about the coffeehouse – 

“We simply love the charm of our unique heritage-protected 

Viennese coffee house, which dates all the way back to 1873. 

However, we also make sure to keep pace 

with the times and are always open to new things”.


Cafe Central in Vienna


Another kaffeehaus (coffee house) in Vienna

 worth visiting is Cafe Central.

Their tagline caught our eye.
There are coffeehouses
and there’s Café Central.

The psychoanalyst Freud, used to sip on his coffee in Cafe Central, 

even Adolf Hitler.

Just one quick tip. 

You’ll need to armor youself with patience,

because the lines are crazy, but so worthwhile.


So, right after taking a tour around The Hofburg Palace, 

go experience Cafe Central’s daily excellent selection of cakes and coffee.

The third cafe we’d like to mention is called Cafe Fraunhuber.


Cafe Frauenhuber (Oldest Cafe in Vienna)


In case you’d like to visit the place where

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven

played their divine music this is the cafe for you.


What kind of coffee do people in Vienna drink?



For us, kleiner schwarzer please. 

Sorry, do you speak German?

We don’t either but we know it means a single espresso.


We almost decided to finish the article 

without first mentioning Melange.


This type of coffee is an espresso with steamed milk,

topped with a little foam,


which sounds a lot like a cappuccino.


Melange is the most popular coffee beverage in Vienna, Austria.

If you really want to relax, 

all you need is a melange in a Viennese café 

and your reading glasses.



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