Coffee Vending History

Vending Machine History


Coffee has been prepared in various ways throughout history.

But the invention of the steam engine,

the industrial revolution, and automation, in general,

led to the development of urban environments,

many inventions, and changes, so life became faster.

These cultural and industrial evolutions 

have supported the coffee-making revolution.

Industrial fever was permeated in everyday life,

so much, that people tried to automate everything,

and coffee culture was influenced by this too. 

After several unsuccessful attempts,

the first coffee machine was presented at the fair in Milan in 1901.

An Italian engineer patented and presented this machine for preparing espresso coffee

and laid the foundations of an entire industry,

which was developing rapidly.

In a hectic lifestyle, coffee was drunk quickly

and prepared faster than ever before.

Ever since that moment in time,

coffee-making techniques have been evolving continuously.

So far we have created various machines to make coffee beverages,

but vending machines present one of the biggest steps

and revolutions in coffee-making culture. 

Vending machines are practical,

you can fit them nicely into any ambiance,

it’s unnecessary to say that vending machines are a perfect solution for offices,

residential buildings, hotels, etc.

Usually, these machines can make all sorts of beverages,

bean to cup machines are a perfect example of this,

those small and compact machines can produce over 20 different beverages.

In addition to that,

with bean to cup machines, you can have a true barista experience

just by choosing a beverage that you like on the machine’s screen. 

Your true barista experience is just one click away!

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