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There is something magical in our coffee rituals


Never have I ever met someone that doesn’t have a special connection to a cup of coffee. 


It fuels our hopes and dreams,

it eases our stress level at work,

gives us the drive to do things better, faster,

and with more creative thoughts. 


I am sure that it is not an accident that some of the most inventive

and inspiring minds have drunk a lot of coffee throughout their lives. 


If you have a chance to read quotes about coffee,

you can notice that for most of those people that are quoted,

coffee plays a significant role in their lives. 



That (and a cup of gourmet coffee)

inspired me to think about the emotional connection

that we have not just with coffee as a beverage,

but with our coffee rituals

as something that gives us energy and relief throughout the day.


I started asking my co-workers and friends about their coffee rituals

and I noticed that every single one of them had

a slightly different and unique answer to what does a coffee ritual means to them.


I actually discovered that there are people among us

that consider their evening coffee 

as a coffee that makes their coffee ritual,

for some of them, a ritualistic coffee is the cup that they take

before any of the other teammates gets in the office. 


But without exception, every person that I talked to,

had a spark in their eyes,

when they spoke about the effect that coffee has on them,

or that peace that can be initiated only by a true beginning of something so magical,

that is called a coffee ritual.


So I wanted to ask you, what does your coffee ritual look like,

how does it feel and what does it mean to you?





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