How to Make a Flat White Step by Step

The flat white drink originates in New Zealand 🇳🇿 and today this caffeinated drink is their pride and joy.

Derek Townsend, a founder of Karajoz Coffee Company was the inventor of this beautiful, and now worldwide known coffee. That happened in 1981 when, according to Derek, his friends opened the first real cafe in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald calls the flat white the “quintessential Kiwi coffee.” While Sydney coffee shops may have first served the drink in the 1980s, the Herald writes, Wellington is where the flat white drink was perfected.


What’s Flat White?

A flat white coffee drink is made of strong espresso served with creamy milk froth. That milk froth is known as microfoam that is made out of steamed milk that will result in small bubbles and smooth consistency.  

The drink is similar to a Latte, except that it is smaller in volume and has less foam. Therefore, with a higher proportion of coffee than milk, you will get a more espresso dominant flavor drink, and when it comes to milk it is more velvety in its consistency. 


Flat White VS Cappuccino

Flat white coffee vs cappuccino coffee differences

A flat white coffee drink is made with double Espresso with micro-foamed milk. On the other side, a Cappuccino drink is usually made from one espresso shot, one-third of steamed milk, and one-third of milk froth.

So, cappuccinos have less milk to cut the intensity of the espresso thus making this drink stronger. Due to the amount of milk, the flat white tends to taste a bit tamer than a cappuccino. Therefore if you want to get a stronger caffeinated beverage to go for a cappuccino and if you want to go for a lighter and smoother drink, choose flat white. 

Prep: 3 mins

Cook: 5 mins

Total: 8 mins

Ingredients ♨️

  • Two espresso shots
  • 100ml steamed milk


Preparation method for flat white coffee

Take the coffee beans of your choice and get prepared to make your espresso shots. With available home equipment such as an Espresso coffee machine, AeroPress, or French press, make your shots and pour them over into your favorite glass mug. Before you pour the espresso over, you can add some sugar inside the cup if you desire. 

Steam the milk with the steamer while making sure you have one to two centimeters of foam on top. Foam your milk in a way to create a smooth, moist microfoam rather than a stiff, dry one. The milk jug should be gently bumped on a table to remove large air bubbles after frothing. Finally, it’s time to pour the frothed milk into the mug. 

Follow the steps of doing so so you can get the original flat white coffee drink.

Hold the milk jug three to four centimeters above the mug and start pouring milk steadily. With the volume of the drink increasing, start bringing the jug closer to the drink aiming for the center. When the jug is almost touching the drink surface, tilt it for a faster flow pour. 

Milk will naturally fold in on itself to form a pattern as you accelerate the flow. This will result in a layer of thick, floating cream. Your drink is ready!

We hope you liked this homemade flat white drink recipe, and sincerely hope you will enjoy it!
Mugs up!

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