How to Make A Perfect Café Au Lait - Coffee Recipe

Welcome to another homemade coffee recipe provided by Reliant Coffee Service. Today, we are going to learn step by step how to make a perfect Cafe au Lait.  This popular caffeinated drink comes from France 🇫🇷, and it represents a French pressed or strong drip-brewed coffee with steamed milk poured on top.

The pronunciation of cafe au lait might be a little difficult but it sounds something like “Café o la le” which actually means “the light brown color of coffee with milk”. What’s so great about this drink is that it’s very delicious yet the calories in cafe au lait are very low, so there’s no guilt while drinking it!

This widely popular beverage has its own name in different countries. For instance, in Germany it is known as milchkaffee, in Poland kawa biała (“white coffee”), while in Spain it’s called café con leche. And for our dear vegan friends, there is also our cafe au lait with soya milk, so you will not feel left out. 

When we say coffee with milk/leche, a lot of people tend to mix this caffeinated beverage with cafe latte.

Therefore, let’s check the differences!

Cafe au lait vs Latte

Cafe au lait VS Latte


When making the original latte recipe, we use bold espresso as our coffee beans, while in cafe au lait we use regular brewed coffee (strong coffee beans). Cafe latte consists of more milk and foam, and can be made with various flavors. Cafe au lait is more straightforward without additional flavors and foams. However, compared to the French version, the American version of cafe au lait has chicory added.

Now that we’ve explained the differences between these two coffee types, we are going to learn a homemade recipe for cafe au lait with only a few easy steps! Generally, this recipe makes a single serving, but you can increase the quantities to make the desired cups of coffee.


Prep: 5 minutes

Cook: 0 minutes

Total: 5 minutes



  • Strong brewed coffee
  • Steamed milk (any type)

If you wonder about the ratio, you should know that there’s no set size for cafe au lait. If there is brewed coffee and milk in it, you will get the coffee you want.



Step 1️⃣ 

Firstly we are going to grind the coffee. 

Our advice is to use strong coffee beans in order to reach the original cafe au lait flavor. Brew it in your chosen coffee machine. As we mentioned before, the amount of coffee is totally up to you, since there is no set ratio.

Step 2️⃣

When you finish brewing coffee, it’s time to steam and froth the milk. 

Pour approximately an equal amount of milk as coffee into the microwave-safe bowl and heat it for about 45 seconds. When the milk is heated, use any equipment you have available at your home. Whether it’s an espresso machine, French press, or simple electric milk frother, it will do the job.You can even use a whisk to froth the milk, simply by stirring back and forth quickly.

Step 3️⃣

Pouring frothed milk over coffee for Cafe au Lait

After the milk has reached the foamy texture, pour over the coffee down the side of the bowl. By doing so you will create a thin layer of foam on top of your homemade cafe au lait. If you find this coffee too strong or bitter for you, you can add some sugar to it to sweeten up the drink. 

Your homemade cafe au lait is ready. If you’re creative, try creating some art with the steamed milk, or simply sprinkle some cinnamon on top if you desire. 

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