How To Make a Perfect Macchiato - Coffee Recipe


Like every Thursday at Reliant Coffee Service, it’s time for the Coffee Recipe Blog! Today, we are traveling to Italy 🇮🇹 like almost every Thursday so far. Italy is really known for inventing different and the most popular types of coffee. On today’s menu, we have a mix of espresso and a light latte, which results in a Macchiato coffee drink. 

It represents a caffeinated drink perfect for those who want a boost of caffeine without consuming too many calories.  The word macchiato comes from Italy, obviously, and it means stained. It actually describes the dark espresso stained with milk foam. 

And, the most interesting thing about this caffeinated beverage is that many people claim that Macchiato is invented so that you can drink espresso in the afternoon.

A caffè macchiato is also called espresso macchiato. It is made with an espresso shot topped with frothed milk. However, this is not the only version of this Italian coffee.

Another one, also very popular, is Latte Macchiato.  It is made with mainly steaming milk stained with an espresso on top. The taste is very unusual because it reminds us of a cafe latte yet it has a bit of the aroma of espresso in it.  And now you are probably in total confusion, what is the difference between latte macchiato and caffe latte? We will make it clear!

In classic latte, we have two shots of espresso with added frothed milk, while in latte macchiato we have espresso added to our steaming milk with a bit more foam. Now that we have distinguished some things, let’s move on to our main recipe. 

Get comfy because we are going to learn how to make a perfect macchiato in a homemade version.

Let’s start!

Prepare Your Espresso

Preparing espresso for homemade Macchiato

As one of the most popular ingredients of this beverage, we need to make our own espresso first before making an actual coffee macchiato.

We will avoid a simple yet strong regular coffee, and search out for the right dark and bitter flavor of our beans. So, in order to make espresso, we need to find dark roasted coffee beans and a good espresso grinder.

Use whichever equipment is available at your homes such as an Espresso machine (most desirable), Aeropress, or simple manual espresso maker. 

If you don’t have any but you plan on buying one, the cheapest solution will be an Aeropress. However, one should be aware that the flavor is not as good as espresso made with the Espresso machine, but it will do the job. 

Our measure for Macchiato is two shots of espresso, which makes this beverage a very strong yet delicious drink!

Prepare Your Frothed Milk

Frothing milk for homemade Macchiato

To reach the desired look and flavor, you should use whole milk. It’s because it contains the highest milk fat thus it will end up in a much richer taste. However, if you have a manual milk frother, you can use 2% milk as well.

Keep that in mind that when buying milk, try to look out for the one that is as fresh as possible, because if you take the one close to its expiration date, you won’t get the desired foam.

Also, for our vegan friends, you can make your coffee Macchiato with dairy-free products too! The best milk for vegan macchiato is oat milk because it has a great taste and froths up pretty well.

How to froth your milk without an espresso machine?

We’ve ruled out the possibility of having an espresso machine at your home. That’s why we focused on how to make a perfect macchiato with some simple equipment that you have in your household. 

First, heat the milk and then use the available tools in your home to froth the milk. 

Before frothing the milk, heat it on the stove at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a perfect temperature since it’s not too hot and yet not simmering either. 

You can use a handheld milk frother which works pretty well and makes the milk foam very frothy. 

If you don’t have one, you can even use a simple whisk too! When using the whisk, there is the possibility to make a bit larger bubbles with less foam, but it will still end up with a pretty nice frothed milk on top. 

Make Your Caffè Macchiato


We are almost done folks!

When you made your espresso shots, and you finished frothing your milk, it’s time for the mix! After you finish with milk preparation, use a spoon to take the top of the dry foam only and put it on the top of your espresso cup.

Compared to latte, the foam will not blend into your espresso, but rather float on top of it!

With such an appealing look, your Macchiato is ready and you can savor in your homemade caffeinated drink!


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