The True Barista Experience at your

residential building

Coffee is seen as the new must-have amenity
at the nation’s residential buildings.
How about providing a true barista experience for your residents?

Let Reliant Coffee dispense premium brews
in your residential complex, thus,
showing a growing appreciation of your residents’ needs.
With our Bean-to-cup machines your lobby will become the place of informal gatherings and small talks among neighbors, improving the quality of living in your community.

Everyone wants to have a nice and cozy home, a place where they feel comfortable and appreciated.
That’s easy to achieve if you live alone with your
family in the house.
Now, imagine bringing that sense of community in your Residential Buildings.
How amazing it would be for your residents to enjoy
a True Barista Experience at Your living space?!


We are pretty sure that every tenant will
appreciate a good cup of coffee!
Hence, we have decided to offer
a variety of drinks,
with our coffee machines,
which are designed to provide diverse
flavors of beverages for everyone to enjoy.

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« Capsule machines

With one of Grade Coffee Distributors,
our premium products will give you a unique and complex flavor of your favorite cup of joy.
Make up your mind between six different coffee machines
with up to 20 different types of beverage!
From tea, and hot chocolate to diverse coffee choices.

Check their features, pick the most suitable
Bean-to-cup machine according to your needs,
and achieve a harmonious neighborhood.

That’s not all! Owning such a Premium Coffee Machines,
your Residential Building will gain aesthetic quality.

Your space will have a modern look and be one of the catch-one's-eye buildings.

Don’t forget that Reliant Coffee Service is always at your disposal.Our service team will be checking on the machines 2 to 3 times a week, making sure that everything is in order, with all the necessary supplies.

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Let residents feel satisfied, and have the spirit of a comfortably-modern building.