What coffee has the most caffeine?

Dear coffee lovers,

even though we drink coffee every day,

there are some things we still don’t know about our favorite beverage. 


Okay, we know that our fav brownish bean is measured as a cup of happiness,

but do we know how much caffeine is in that little mug?

What is maybe shocking for a lot of coffee aficionados, is that not all coffee has an equal amount of caffeine. 


Yup, that’s right. Now certain questions pop up.

For example,

what effect does the roasting profile have on the strength of your coffee?

Or which bean is stronger, lighter, or darker?

Prepare your cups, make yourself comfortable, and let’s learn something new!



As we mentioned, a variety of things can affect the strength of coffee. 

Before we move one to the classical division, we should also know the next things!


  • You can always maximize the caffeine extraction by grinding your coffee beans as finely as possible.
    As a general rule, grinding your coffee beans finely will maximize caffeine extraction.
    This also can be accomplished by increasing the coffee to
    water ratio and extending the steeping time.


  • Another thing is that the typical serving size for a specified coffee drink must also be taken into account.


What are the two main types of coffee beans?

These are two main types of coffee beans : Arabica and Robusta

Coffee plants are classified into two main types: Arabica and Robusta

They gain their popularity through their origin but

they can be also characterized by caffeine content.


Generally speaking,

Robusta beans are considered to be inferior to Arabica beans in terms of quality. 

This is because Robusta plants are way easier to farm compared to Arabica.


Also, they have a kind of strong and bitterish flavor

while Arabica has a more fruity and sweet taste.


Speaking about Robusta beans, they are not hard-to-look-for,

since they are almost always the beans of choice

for supermarket brands that are cheaper and easier to find.


When it comes to Arabica,

these quality beans can also be found but with a bit more effort. 

It is obvious that Arabica is the better choice, but believe it or not,


Robusta coffee beans have a higher caffeine percentage


To be exact,

Robusta beans contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica. 

Coffee beans that are derived from Robusta plants are more scarce and mellow,

but as said,

they contain more caffeine compared to Arabica.


If you are a fan of strong coffee,

know that these types of coffee are the most popular

plus most instant coffees use Robusta beans.


All you have to do is check at the coffee label,

and check the strength of caffeine by looking at the bean type.


What is the coffee roasting process?



Okay, a lot of confusion has been made because of the color of the bean.

Many people think that the darker the bean the stronger the coffee.

This is actually not true.

Others think the reverse. Which is also not true.

Well, to clear all the myths and confusions.

The caffeine content in coffee beans is not diminished by roasting!


What actually has an impact on the roasting is the bean mass.

So, when the process of roasting begins, they slowly lose their mass.


This means that darker beans are roasted longer thus they weigh less

while lighter beans are roasted less thus weigh more in mass.

As a result,

a pound of dark-roasted beans will have slightly more beans compared to lighter-roasted beans.


coffee brewing process


  • Another thing that has an impact on the caffeine percentage is the process of brewing. 

A lot of coffee shops will use a scale when measuring the weight of coffee,

but it is recommended to use a scoop for the following reasons. 


Because of the density of the light roast,

it will contain more caffeine in your measuring scoop. 


Let’s try to make it easier:

Your cup of lighter roast coffee contains more caffeine than your cup of darker roast coffee.

Because lighter roasts produce denser and heavier beans.


So, if we measure the same quantity of dark and light roasted coffee,

even though they weigh the same, the lighter-roasted coffee will contain more caffeine. 


Coffee Beverage Types


Not to bore you with more information, we tried to make things easier.

Take a look at the picture below,

find your cup of coffee,

and learn how much caffeine is in your favorite mug!

types of coffee