Healthy Coffee and some traditional sweets as Coffee Trends in 2021

Living in a time of pandemics

surely made crowded coffee shop scenes quite different. 

It’s almost impossible to see people casually having a small talk

over a cup of coffee in their favorite cafe or

just some students hanging around during break time. 


But, one thing for sure didn’t change. 

It’s our love for coffee that might even grow bigger in the time of Covid-19.

Our habits have changed, and so does the coffee world. 


The market is constantly renewing brewing appliances, 

combining different flavors while trying to satisfy the preferences of consumers.


So, what can we expect to be changed

with our favorite caffeinated drink in the world today?

Well, bucket your seat belt,

grab your favorite cup of coffee, 

and let’s dive into the latest coffee trend in the year 2021.


Healthy Coffee Drinks


Different types of healthy coffee drinks


Being healthy never runs out of style. 

Right now it’s very well-known

that coffee has a lot of health benefits.


If you don’t trust us, 

the study that was recently conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health can back us up. 

Some people think that despite the benefits, 

like reducing the risk of developing type two diabetes,

coffee can be unhealthy. 


And that can also be true. 

Okay, now you are probably confused,

but let us explain. 


If we add sugar, cream, milk, different flavors, 

and ingredients to each cup of coffee that we drink on a daily basis, 

how many health benefits can we get? 


All of these additives have a high percentage of fat, 

sugar, and cholesterol, 

each of which can be detrimental to health

when consumed excessively.


But life during the pandemic has collectively “forced” us all

to take care of our health.

Thus, healthy coffee drinks are the main trend in 2021.


All these caffeinated drinks contain healthy additives

and are made from unadulterated organic coffee. 


They are usually made from ingredients like

rice, oat, or almond milk, 

ground cacao beans, cocoa, and matcha powder,

vitamin C, and cinnamon. 


The most amazing thing is that some 

even add collagen to your little cup of happiness. 

Yes, your coffee can contain a protein 

that is recommended for the health of your skin, bones, nails, and hair. 


Therefore your morning beverage of joy 

will not only wake you up and fill you with energy but 

improve your looks and keep your body healthy! 


Different Coffee Flavours


Coffee recipes are always welcomed, 

in particular those that feature international flavors. 


During the time of the pandemic, 

many of them have traveled all around the world 

and launched a new trend. 


The Dalgona Coffee Trend


Dalgona Coffee on a coaster


The popularity of this Korean beverage 

is all thanks to the popular social media platform, Tik Tok.


In March last year, it spread worldwide for less than eight months. 

Dalgona coffee is very simple

 yet very rich in flavor.

It contains only four ingredients which are: 

instant coffee, milk, water, and sugar. 


What makes this coffee so popular is its alluring appearance.

It looks very creamy because of the fluffy whipped ingredients 

that are floating on the iced milk. 


But this trend didn’t stop here. 

A lot of tiktokers tried different types of Dalgona 

by using different flavors. 


They used ingredients like 

pumpkin spice – perfect for the upcoming month October, right? 

But also liqueurs, gelato, and chai


Snapchilled Coffee or Flash Brew Coffee


The popularity of cold-brew and iced coffee has grown in recent years, 

perhaps as a result of our warming planet. 


One of the trends in the year 2021, 

was exactly the snap chilled coffee,

for all those cold brew coffee lovers. 


It’s freshly brewed, hence the name, 

and then chilled quickly. 

MIT alumnus David Dussault 

invented the process of snap chilling. 


The process he came up with reduced the temperature 

of drinkable coffee from a very hot state 

to an incredibly cold state within a few minutes.


Since hot water extracted the coffee, 

it is more aromatic than cold brew, 

and in comparison to iced coffee,

it does not require dilution with ice.


There is no doubt that snapchilled coffee is 

significantly better than cold brew. 

It extracts more flavor from the beans, 

resulting in a smoother and less acidic brew.


Turkish Coffee


Traditional Turkish coffee served in traditional coffee cups


Turkish coffee has been really popular 

in the last century all over the Balkan countries. 


The coffee is made from finely ground beans 

that are dissolved in water. 

It has a very rich flavor, and it’s served in a very special

and traditional Turkish way – in small 2-2.5 fl. oz. cups. 


In order to counteract the overly extracted flavor of Turkish coffee, 

one may consume some Turkish delight.


Vietnamese Coffee


Did you know that Vietnam 

is the second biggest coffee exporter in the world? 

That’s right, so no wonder why Vietnamese coffee

is on our trending list. 


Most of its coffee is made from robusta beans 

which are popular for their high content in caffeine, 

resulting in a thicker mouthfeel.


What’s most interesting about Vietnamese coffee is its preparation. 

The methods are called ca phe trung or egg coffee, 

and ca phe sua da – coffee milk iced. 


Ca phe trung is rich robusta coffee accompanied by 

a fluffy meringue made from sweetened condensed milk 

and whipped egg yolks.


Ca phe sua da or Vietnamese iced coffee is made simply by 

adding a thin layer of sweetened condensed milk to a cup, 

combine with roughly 2 oz. of robusta coffee beans and brew it.


Coffee Machines


Bean-to-cup coffee machine - coffee pouring


Coffee Machines have been popular for a while, 

but since the pandemic they’ve taken a longer-term hold. 

And why not?


They are convenient, easy to use, 

plus if we go for bean-to-cup machines, 

we are getting freshly brewed coffee

in the comfort of our own home or office. 


If you go with capsule machines,

There are different flavors available almost everywhere, 


While your favorite cup of coffee is just a click away. 

Pods come with the convenience of a prefilled pod and 

deliver a decent brew that consumers enjoy.


These compact machines are getting more and

more popular in the market, 

just because they can provide diverse and 

fresh beverage choices without the hassle of visiting a cafe.

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