What is procaffeination?

Are you a Procaffeinator?


(v.) To delay or postpone action; put off doing something until you’ve had coffee.

(Urban Dictionary definition)


Do you have a tendency to not start anything 

until you’ve had your first cup of coffee?

If the answer is YES, congrats! 

You are officially a Procaffeinator.


We are all familiar with those moments

 when we have a project or an exam to study for 

and all we do is watch Netflix. 

We have all been guilty of it. 

People are creatures of habit.

The alarm clock goes off in the morning, 

you jump out of bed and go straight to the kitchen

without doing much thinking.

You finally take that first sip and a smile appears on your face.

The aroma, the taste, 

everything is suddenly all sunshine and rainbows.


People all over the Internet talk about what the right time for a morning coffee is.

We can’t say that for you. 

Your time is a perfect time. 

What we agree on though is 

that we shouldn’t drink coffee on an empty stomach.

Do you procaffeinate?


Basically, most of us see coffee 

as the START sign for everything that we do throughout the day.

Coffee is a great stimulant that can enhance concentration. 

Besides people being creatures of habit, they also engage in rituals.

And drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning, 

feeling its warmth, smelling its aroma, is a ritual.

No wonder then why we procaffeinate.

By the way, the good news is – science is on your side!

It is proven by various studies

 that coffee consumption can enhance creativity and concentration.

It improves work morale and in-house collaboration.

Therefore, give yourself a break, take a sip of coffee,

 and let it fuel your creative thoughts.

This is why we know that having a coffee machine in the office is a must.

Let us state a few benefits of having a coffee vending machine in the workplace:

  • It boosts productivity at work
  • Better creative workflow
  • Better motivation and quality work thanks to coffee

Welcome to the procaffeinating club!

If you are starting everything with a cup of your favorite coffee beverage,

 then you are one of us!

Welcome to the club.

What does to procaffeinate mean?

We wonder which beverage is your favorite choice for procaffeination?

We would love to read your answers down in the comment section or

get your DM on our Instagram Page.


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