Relaxing Area for drinking coffee in the office

Natural Lighting Environment

Have you ever noticed that you have better concentration and workflow

when you have your natural light in the office?

 Yup, that’s not a coincidence.

Stats have shown that, if you use a light bulb instead,

you will lack energy and productivity. 

Thus, feel more sleepy and lazy as well.

BUT, if you use natural light from the sun,

you will not only feel more energized 

but you will have a better sleep.

Actually, researchers in Neurology at Northwestern University have declared,

that employees who work in offices with natural, white light have quality sleep. 

To be precise,

they have 46 minutes more sleep than people who work under artificial light.

This results in better efficiency of the employees and a greater frame of mind.


Coffee O’clockCoffee O'clock/ Reliant Coffee South Florida

STOP wasting your time on unnecessary walks to the cafe shops! 

Save time, energy,

and productivity by implementing Coffee Service at your own office.

Just imagine the luxury the employees will feel

when they can choose their favorite hot beverage 

any time of the day they want!

Right there in their working habitat!

Team workers can have any desirable drink within a few seconds 

with just a touch of the screen.

If your office or working area counts more than 20 employees, 

then owning a Bean to cup machine will suit your needs.

 Wonder why?

Because it has a diversity of 20 different beverages and 

 can produce any drink within 20 seconds!

From tea and hot cocoa to cappuccino and macchiato! 


If you count less than that, then capsule machines will do just fine.

The employees will never have to wait in long queues again

thus the work will not suffer!

Having a top-notch Coffee Service

also means that you don’t ever have to worry about 

the maintenance of the appliances. 


From the first step of bringing the machine to your place, 

to supplying it,

servicing and maintaining it, 

is the job of the Coffee Service team.

 If you wonder who will arrange you all that,  

WE have the answer!

Reliant Coffee Service will provide you everything stated above!

You are just one call away from True Barista Experience.


Relaxing Area

Relaxing Area for drinking coffee in the office

Employees are people.

Obvious, but they are not robots. 

Nobody can be productive and engaged throughout the whole day.

After hours of hard work,

the brain just doesn’t function the same. It needs to be restarted. 

And, of course, if you want your peeps to be at the top of their game, 

you need to help them through a hard time.

That’s what good boos would do, right?


You can achieve that by implementing a relaxing area in your work habitat.

In-Lounge area will be their getaway, 

a place where they can socialize with other colleagues

without having to talk about work and work only.


Of course,

this Relaxing Area should be separated from the offices they are working in.

It is usually some common room,

with a dining table, comfy furniture,

 and even some board games. 

 It is also preferable to have different sizes of tables, lazy bags,

 and maybe some treats so that the employees can raise endorphin levels. 


They can chant,

get to know each other, and raise each other’s productivity. 

Aside from that,

team members can also help each other resolve some problems related to work,

 inspire one another, and yet have a good time.

What more do you need?!


Comfortable Work Habitat

Relax in the office and drink your coffee


If you are having a good relaxing area,

it is logical that you need to provide a good workplace as well.

It is absolutely natural that people will do

and perform better in a place where they feel home-ish.

So, make sure their working environment is comfortable.

If you are able to provide that,

your employees will definitely feel better thus be able to deliver their best work.

This means that the offices should be full of:

  • Natural light, as we mentioned before, 
  • Have a lot of plants
  • Filled with bright colors
  • Good open space

Of course,

avoid having a mess and clutter around and,

be sure that all the necessary equipment is there for each employee as well.

This is not referring to technology only!

But making them feel comfortable in their working habitat is as equally as important.

Do that by providing them good, ergonomic chairs,

and spacious tables.


Even though this doesn’t sound like a big deal,

it is actually a crucial thing and can be big plus work-wise. 

Develop a co-working space,

where your team workers will not only feel pleasant 

but will be able to discuss and converse openly with anyone. 


While your employees are energetically affected by the habitat in a positive way, 

good comfortable working space will result in meaningful and productive work.





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