What is coffee service?


Coffee service includes the many and varied ways in which coffee is served in offices, residential buildings, car dealerships, and hotels and restaurants.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, coffee service is: “A usually sterling silver or silverplate service consisting of coffeepot, sugar bowl, creamer, and tray

According to Collins dictionary, coffee service is: “A set of china consisting of coffee cups and saucers, a pot, milk jug, and sugar bowl”.

The mentioned definitions above explain the coffee service as more of a coffee set. Yet, here we are trying to define the coffee service in a more broadened way. Let’s explain.

It is known as a catch-all term for services that provide free or low-cost coffee to employees of a company. However, this doesn’t mean that the coffee itself is of poor quality just because the price is low. It really depends on what type of machine you are renting, what type of coffee it uses, and what is included in the service. 

It is a cost-effective way of always having freshly brewed coffee at your workplace or even your residential place. Providing coffee to employees has been quite popular and it is not surprising since there are so many benefits of it. For instance, if you implement a coffee machine at your office, your workers will likely stay in their working habitat. Instead of going out to buy coffee and waste precious time, with coffee service at your workplace you will have fresh and hot coffee within the tip of your fingers. 


Bean-to-Cup Machines

Whether your business has high traffic of visitors or just a few employees, implementing a coffee vending machine, especially bean-to-cup machines, is always a good idea. It really depends on what type of machine you are getting, but usually, there is a high selection of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available.

You will get freshly brewed coffee full of flavor thanks to the beans that are being ground just seconds before being used. The whole process is so simple. All you need to do is click on the button of your chosen drink and voila – you will get a professional-quality cup of coffee in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the grinder that is built-in in these machines, you, your workers, and your customers will get the perfect mix of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans!

How often do you need to service a coffee machine?

Man in the wheelchair servicing the coffee machine
According to industry standards, it is recommended to get a coffee machine service once a year. Maintaining this system should help prevent problems from arising, whether they are one-time problems or recurring ones.

However, Reliant Coffee Service will do much more than that. Our service team will be checking on the machines 2 to 3 times a week, making sure that everything is in order and equipped with all the necessary supplies.

Servicing and maintenance is our job. All you need to do is sit back, and enjoy your cup of happiness. Appreciate the rise of your employees’ productivity levels and focus on the business. 

Reliant Coffee Service is always at your disposal. 

What is the purpose of coffee service?

Your employees as well as your customers want coffee, and it is your responsibility to provide it. You could purchase generic coffee grounds at your local grocery store or coffee shop, but that is neither time-saving nor cost-effective. However, with the right coffee service for your business, you can also get a much higher quality product for a similar investment.

The purpose of coffee service is: saving time on unnecessary walks to the coffee shops, raising employees’ productivity, saving money on overestimated coffee brands, delivering high-quality beverages, and eliminating hassles related to coffee machine maintenance and procurement process.

How much does office coffee service cost?

Coworkers drinking coffee in the office while working
The cost of coffee service, whether it’s in your office or residential building, depends on many things. Firstly not all machines are valued the same. Second, it depends on the service that is offered. 

For instance, what type of coffee is used for the coffee machines? There is a big difference between bean-to-cup machines, capsule machines, and coffees they are using. Is there a maintenance team? How often do they visit? Do you have to pay the additional costs for coffee supplies or is it included in the price as well? There are broad things to consider when the company is forming the price. 

Overall, the most important thing for you is to get a fresh, full-flavor coffee, and a maintenance team to take away all the cares you have regarding coffee machine servicing.

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