Why do people engage in rituals?


Before we dive into coffee rituals, let’s discuss why people engage in rituals generally. When we hear the word ritual, we usually associate it with religion and religious ceremonies.

However, that isn’t always the case and rituals are very much a part of our daily lives and are important. Getting up in the morning and having your morning routine is also a kind of ritual. It is that repetitive behavior that we experience as something purposeful

Rituals help us more than just live our values. They may also make us feel less anxious and they create a sense of belongingness when performed collectively. Take Ethiopia as an example and its peoples’ ritual for making coffee. It is definitely something to be experienced at least once.

It’s a whole ceremony.  

It is a sign of respect and friendship to be invited to a coffee ceremony. 

If you’d like to read more about Ethiopian Coffee Culture and the lengthy but totally worth it ceremony, Reliant Coffee Service has provided you with a blog about that magnificent culture as well.


Coffee Rituals Around The World

No matter where you go in the world, if you were a coffee aficionado (coffee lover), you’d want to taste the specialty coffee in the country you are visiting. There’s nothing more beautiful than sitting down in a coffee shop in your favorite country, especially when visiting for the first time and just taking that first sip of the coffee beverage that you’ve decided to try out.


By doing so, we will get to learn a lot about the people of that county, what kind of coffee they prefer, and most importantly, how they prefer to get their coffee fuel daily. This definitely differs from country to country, so try to get to know their cultures and how they function by taking a close look at them, for example in a coffee shop. From the way they order their cup of joe to how they behave.

Do people in the country you are visiting prefer a go-to coffee or do they love to sit down, take their time and watch people go by just like the French do? You could discover this and much more if you get into the observer mode.


Why is drinking coffee a ritual?


Many of us use coffee as fuel.

For a lot of us the first thing we do in the morning is make our cup of coffee. Let’s recall that moment of peace and serenity when you take the first sip being thankful for another day.

We love to drink it alone, with our favorite people, in the office with colleagues or to boost a lagging afternoon. So, appreciate every single sip you take. Do it deliberately.

Have you ever met a barista who when you watch him or her, seems so focused on making that perfect cup of java as if time doesn’t exist? Nor do problems. That’s what engaging in a ritual helps you do.

It helps you be in the “flow state” we all crave for.

So next time you go to a café, watch the barista make your coffee with such care and attentiveness. If you work in an office, having a bean to cup machine in your office space can also give you the same experience. 

Watch how it is made.

Enjoy the sounds.

Tune out the world, enjoy the process and make a ritual out of it. 


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